Best 5 useful Twitter Bots to use and follow

Best 5 useful Twitter Bots to use and follow

Hey folks,Hope you are doing well.Today I am going to tell you the best 5 useful and impressive twitter Bots that you must follow.

We all know that Artificial intelligence gets more ultra modern these days and when we are talking about twitter.

As we know there are so many Bots are available over there its quite complex to find our which bots is useful for you the most.

In this article I filter out the Best 5 Twitter Bots to follow.


1 Thread Reader app

2.Save my  video

3. Pikaso Bots

4.Remind me of this

5.Tiny care



1. Thread Reader app- In twitter we have the character limit as we all are aware of this fact.But can u imagine if we are able to post a long story or post also using an app.

Yes this time you heard correctly there is an app “Thread Reader app”. You can use this app for writing longer tweets.

By using this Thread reader app you created a thread having interconnected tweets under the same post.


2. Save my video- While surfing over twitter most of the times we saw some useful photo and video and we want that file in our local.

But due to copyrights we are unable to download that unluckily.Now you can download any photo,video using this bots by just replying to the tweet with photo and tag the bot.

After this you will receive a link to download that file directly to your local.


3. Pikaso Bots-Sometimes you love to capture the photo that already shared by anyone on twitter.You can use this Pikaso Bots to take screenshot of the photo you want to be in your mobile.

How to use this Pikaso Bots ?

You have to follow @pikaso_me on twitter  and must reply to the select tweet that you want to take the screenshot.

@pikaso_me screenshot  this “.

Comment these line to comments section and within few secondy comment these line to comments section and within few secons that bots will s that bots will send you the screenshot.


4. Remind me of this- As you all know that on an average around 50 lakh tweets  are made by users.Its quite impossible to remember all your favorite tweet.

You can set reminder as well of your relevant tweet that you want to see later.You simply need to tweet @Remindme_ ofthis in selected tweet and set time like today, tomorrow and for upcoming years .


5. Tiny care-  As its name signify its work care means this bots will take care of your little things or we can say daily routine task.

They will remind you to drink water and take a rest and so on reminders that sometimes you forgot in our daily busy schedule.

This is very useful bot that will helps you to remind your daily activities and increase your stress to remind all these little things on  daily basis.


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  In the end, thanks for reading this post and if you have any queries or suggestions then feel free to share them with me in the below comment box.


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