How to Protect pdf and Google Documents in your Google Drive


How to Protect pdf and Google Documents in your Google Drive

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Learn a way to quick guard your Google Documents and PDF documents in Google Drive with a password. 

You also can unencumber PDF documents and dispose of passwords from encrypted documents. 

 Introducing PDF toolbox, a brand new Google Drive addon that helps you to password guard PDF documents and Google Documents.

 The app also can assist you unencumber PDF documents which can be already included with a password for your Google Drive. 

 To get started, set up the PDF toolbox add-on and provide the vital authorization. The app calls for get admission to to the report which you would love to encrypt (or decrypt) and also you additionally have an an choice to ship the encrypted report as an e mail attachment to some other user. 


How to Protect pdf and Google Documents in your Google Drive

 Next, choose any PDF report or Google record for your Google Drive and extend the “Encrypt PDF” segment. Enter the output report name (it's going to additionally be stored for your Google Drive), offer a password and specify whether or not the encrypted report ought to permit printing and comments. 


 Click the Encrypt button to create a brand new PDF report that could require a password to open. 


 The app can stable PDF documents in addition to Google documents, spreadsheet and presentations. In the case of local Google documents, the report is first transformed to a PDF record after which encrypted with the desired password. 


 Please word that the Google Drive API imposes a restriction of 10 MB on the dimensions of PDF documents exported from local Google documents. Thus, comparable regulations follow with the toolbox as well. 


 Unlock PDF documents 

 If you a password-guard PDF report for your Google Drive, you could use the PDF toolbox to dispose of the password protection. 

The app will create a brand new replica of the PDF report for your Drive with the intention to open with out requiring a password. 


 The workflow is comparable. 

  Select any locked PDF in Google Drive and open the PDF toolbox app in the sidebar. Expand the “Decrypt PDF” segment and and kind the password that became at the start used to limitation get admission to to the PDF report. 


 Click the Decrypt button and, if the password matches, all regulations could be eliminated from the report. The unlocked, password-unfastened PDF report could be uploaded to Google Drive as a separate report. 

 How PDF toolbox works 

 All documents in Google Drive have an export hyperlink to down load the report in PDF format. The app makes use of the export URL to fetch the PDF model of a report in Google Cloud garage, encrypts (or decrypts) the report with the PDF library and uploads the processed report to Google Drive of the legal user. 


 All downloaded documents are right away eliminated from the cloud garage after the PDF report has been exported. PDF toolbox is in beta degree and the pricing may be brought later this month.

  In the end, thanks for reading this post and if you have any queries or suggestions then feel free to share them with me in the below comment box.

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