Simple Guidance For You In How Much Electricity Is Your Computer Using ?

Simple Guidance For You In How Much Electricity Is Your Computer Using

Hey folks, Hope you are doing well.You are always worried and tense  about your electricity bill ?

Most of us think our sitting on a laptop or computer will increase our electricity bill more as compare to other electrical appliances.

If am not wrong you are much curious to know that how much electricity is consumed by our laptop/computer ?

We all know its quite surprising to find out but its possible to find with a software and its free to use.


I’m going to share the steps that you have to follow for calculating your bill generated by your laptop.

 Here I would like to tell you the name of this app is “joulemeter


Joulemeter is a free and popular software available over Google.

You have to install this software in your computer/laptop as per your specifications.After that pls follow below steps.

1. At first you need to figure out the total power that is consumed by your system that includes CPU,monitor,graphic card and so on parts of your laptop/computer.

Simple Guidance For You In How Much Electricity Is Your Computer Using

2. Now don’t need to take any kind of stress that we need to do it manually, we have an app that is free to use and this is for calculating power consumed by the device.

How to calculate electricity consumption now ?

1.In that image power is around 30W so we can say its equal to 0.03 kw and price of electricity is 10 lets suppose.'

2.As per that for every 5 hour your bill is 0.03 *5*10 is only 1.5 rs and that is for 5 hour.

Click here to download joulemeter software as per your system operating system.


What joulemeter will calculate in our computer/laptop ?

Joulemeter is one of the best software provided by Microsoft who helps to calculate the power consumption of our device on the behalf of its brightness ,processes,etc.

Now once you have your power consumption using that software so you have to find your electricity price per watt in your area and simply multiply both to get your approximately consumption.

Why I mentioned approximately here not exact?

Don’t worry about that because using that we just calculate electricity consumed by that system but we have our routers, printer and many more devices connected to that.

But the thing is routers simply consume smaller amount of power that doesn’t affect your electricity bill.



  In the end, thanks for reading this post and if you have any queries or suggestions then feel free to share them with me in the below comment box.

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