5 Hidden Instagram tricks that every user should know

5 Hidden Instagram tricks  that every user should know


Hello folks, Hope you are doing well. Today I would love to share with you the interesting facts about Instagram that you might now know.

Do you feel sometimes that your knowledge is quite less while you using Instagram?

Here I’m going to share the best 5 Hidden Instagram tricks that you might not know.


1.  Set Multiple photos in one post You all are quite familiar with the photo-sharing option on Instagram but how many of you are known of the fact that we can post multiple photos in a single post also.

We can add around 10 photos in a single post.

How we can post multiple photos?

By clicking the + button as we simply did for posting 1 photo and after that choose multiple buttons and then you add multiple photos.

After this, you can navigate to next and add filters as well and post by adding final captions as per your photo.



2. Find an image URL- There are billions of users using Instagram and they generally post so many images during a single day.

If you want to check the URL of any image that you want so you can get it easily.

But only in 1 condition, you need to open your Instagram on your desktop or laptop and then you can easily perform this task.

What do you need to do?

First, find out the image that you want to find its URL and then select that image just right-click and select the page source option.

After this on the next page by clicking the page source you will be able to see the image URL.


3. Set 2-factor authentication- When you are talking about security so this is the most important thing from every perspective.

In Instagram, we have digital security and you are always having this threat that what happen if any hacker will hack your account.

You can maximize your security using this 2-factor authentication and secure your account from hackers.

How to set 2-factor authentication?

·         Click on 3 icons present over the top of your page.

·         Now navigate to the accounts option you will see the Two-factor authentication option.

·         After clicking on that option it will redirect to the security code.

·         Once you turn it on you will get a prompt alert from Instagram that you will get a security code every time while login in to Instagram.

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4.  View someone's activity over Instagram- Sometimes we have the curiosity to know what everyone doing on Instagram or our particular friend at the current time.

You can check everyone's activity that you follow on Instagram and for this you need to tap on that heart icon there on the top of the homepage.

After that, you will redirect to the activity tap yours and after that you need to switch from you to following to others at the top.

Once you did this you can clearly notice everyone's activity.


5. Create and handle multiple accounts on Instagram-You all are familiar with Instagram and its features. But only a few of them are known of the fact that you can connect 5 accounts with you.

This is useful for those who are managing their business too from Instagram.

By using multiple accounts you can have your separate space from others' accounts.

You should visit the profile page and click on options and settings and after scrolling down a bit you will be able to find additional new account options.

Once you click on it you will have to enter your name and password to log in.

Now once you connect with 5 accounts you don’t need to login every time you simply switch between these accounts with a single tap by choosing whom account you want to log in to.


  In the end, thanks for reading this post and if you have any queries or suggestions then feel free to share them with me in the below comment box.



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