Best 5 reasons why smartphones catches fire?

Best 5 reasons why smartphones catches fire

He folks, Hope you are doing well. Today I’m going to share an important and trendy topic that relates to our life.

Why should smartphones catches fire?

This is a very common and most trendy topic for all of us and this is a very critical situation as well for our safety prospective.

These days smartphones company ready to launch any kind of mobile with higher battery ability and due to this, it catches fire.

Due to these batteries, our smartphones come in contact with fire because it produces so much heat.


Here are the Best 5 reasons why smartphones catch fire?


1.  Use of physically broken mobile- There is some incident when our smartphone gets damaged and crashes properly and after that, we suffer so many problems while using.

But instead of this we are staying with that mobile so this type of mistake may cause danger.

When your mobile is damaged so mainly it affects the battery and we are still using it so the chances of catching fire are maximum in that case.

As per my suggestion, kindly avoid these things and when your mobile gets crash somewhere or damaged so it's better to replace at the same.



2. Using Swollen Battery- Most of the smartphones are now water-resistant but in older days mobile was not protected as of now.

When your battery becomes too old and when it comes into contact with water so its swollen.

The use of this battery is not good for our mobile functioning.

Using swollen battery sometimes may cause it to explode eventually when it comes in contact with moisture.

Try to avoid swollen batteries or replace them soon if you want your smartphone will work properly in the future.


3.  Avoid charging while Gaming and having calls-As we know during charging our smartphones it tends to get much hotter than normal.

Most of the users are playing games while charging but it's not good for our smartphones.

When our mobile is charging so its battery is already heated up and while running such heavy games parallel so it explodes or it affects the internal layer of the battery.

Try to avoid attending calls also while your mobile is in charge. You perform any activity while charging is lead to heating up your battery and it's not good for mobile.


4. Use always Best battery – In our mobiles the battery we use is of company side when we purchased that mobile but after that when we have replaced it so always take good company battery.

Most of the users don’t know the company and all and he generally said just replace the battery and then the shopkeeper just replaces the battery with an old battery or a local manufacturer.

This type of battery is charged up your mobile faster but it internally tries to damage your mobile and with time heating issue is also overcome.


5. Avoid overcharging and only charge with your cable as much- Try to avoid overcharging at the time of night. 

We all know when we go to sleep we generally put out mobile in charging and it may cause to damage your battery life and create internal heating issues as well.

You also make sure that don’t charge your mobile with anyone charger. Try to ignore and in case of emergency only charge but not on regular basis.

This type of thing normally causes internal heating factors and battery failure in the future.


 In the end, thanks for reading this post and if you have any queries or suggestions then feel free to share them with me in the below comment box.

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