Acer 70" 4K HDR TV Review: Welcome Home Theatre At Home


Acer 70 4K HDR TV Review Welcome Home Theatre At Home

Cinema halls are a great way to experience movies. Many of us use cinema halls for the 70mm screen, which quality varies. Digital cinemas have lower picture and sound quality, but it's still a great experience nonetheless.


The pandemic has greatly disrupted the entertainment industry. Recently, this reviewer brought the cinema back to his home with Acer’s 70-inch UHD LED TV from the XL Series. With a huge screen and sleek & narrow bezels, it retails for Rs 69,999.


Acer has a strong reputation in the computer industry as the maker of desktop computers, laptops, and tablets. Acer has recently entered the booming home entertainment segment with Indkal Technologies.


The TV arrived in a huge package, but I was happy to find that the company sent their technician to help. It took less than five minutes and the TV is on a stand because of its large size and weight.


A visually stunning, gorgeous, smart high-quality TV; the sleek thin design of the TV with all components built in, has been great for movie watching and for quick and easy access to Netflix/YouTube. The remote control also comes with “Netflix/YouTube/Prime Video” buttons so tv watching is made easier. And a Google Assistant button allows us to control our tv with voice control.


Here are the specs of the Acer UHD LED TV: a 70-inch big screen with a sleek and narrow bezel, which is not very wide; it doesn't take up much space at all. The resolution is 4K-UHD and has Dolby Audio, Pure Sound 2, and 24 W speaker output.


Watching movies on your TV is overwhelming, but the 8K videos are breathtakingly rich and black. You will never get eye strain because of the long hours spent watching.


Chromecast lets you cast your device’s content onto the TV, which lets you watch on a larger display. And with the TV’s Android Pie OS, you can use thousands of apps from the Google Play app store.


Overall, even if it is not the best TV out there, it is worth every penny. It has amazing picture quality and nice audio. It is stylish and will fit into any home


Specifications are as follows:


·        Size matters – when picking a new TV


·        Watch this video about the 64-bit Quad Core Android 6.0


·        Android Pie 11 is the newest operating system, which has been updated via OTA


·        2 GB Ram, 16 GB Storage


·        3 HDMI1 support ARC, 2 USB


·        Uses of Google Assistant and Chromecast tv


·        Four preinstalled apps like Netflix,youtube,fast cast and Prime video


·        Price is 69,999 Rs


 In the end, thanks for reading this post and if you have any queries or suggestions then feel free to share them with me in the below comment box.

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