Top 5 WordPress social plugins to use by every blogger

Top 5 WordPress social plugins to use by every blogger

Hey folks, Hope you are doing well, Today I would like to share the top 5 WordPress social plugins that every blogger should have in their blog to get audience interaction.

Social media is a powerful tool for any personal blogger, and understanding how to integrate them fully into your blog can have a major impact on the success of your content.

 In this post, we discuss the best WordPress social plugins that will help you build up a strong following of loyal followers on all your social media channels!


What are the WordPress social plugins?


WordPress is a flexible and powerful platform for bloggers, but sometimes it's not enough. To attract more readers or increase social visibility, you need to use plugins. WordPress social plugins help you to automatically share your content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, and other networks.

This way they will reach a new audience and get more followers on these platforms.


Why should bloggers use WordPress social plugins?


WordPress social plugins are a great way to increase your blog's exposure and help it grow. For starters, these plugins allow you to share your blog content easily on every major social media platform.

They also provide many opportunities for monetization by generating money from advertising and through affiliate marketing. Finally, these plugins will make it easier for your followers to stay updated with the latest content that has been posted on the blog. 

There are many different types of social media plugins available, each one tailored to a specific social network. A few of the best plugins are there that every blogger should have.


List of Top 5 WordPress Social Plugins to Use by Every Blogger


There are a lot of social media plugins out there for WordPress. All of these plugins have their specific functions and reach, so it is important to choose one that is best suited for your needs.


Here is our list of the top 5 social plugins every blogger should use:


1. Social snap- Social Snap, a social media plugin, includes sharing buttons on posts and has accurate tracking that preserves share counts. You have the option of placing the sharing buttons in a number of placements for optimal results and can even create custom button shapes, labels, colors, and more.


2. Easy social share plugin-Recently, the developers of the popular WordPress plugin Easy Social Share released version 7.2 with many new and innovative features. One such feature is the Open Graph Protocol integration which creates automatic Facebook Sharing for any post on your site; this has never been easier! The plugin is still rated one of the highest plugins in the Codecanyon repo despite being a paid add-on.


3. Jetpack- Jetpack is one of the most popular WordPress plugins, but it’s also one of the most bloated. If you try to do something simple with it- like redirecting your blog post to another domain, you suddenly find yourself dealing with random API calls, API keys, and API rate limits.


4. Novashare-Novashare is a plugin for social sharing. It only increases the front end of the site by 6 KB and 2 requests.

Novashare uses inline SVG icons with great detail making them fast and consistent with resizing. The post or release count refresh rates are staggered to win the best performance over time.


5. Blog2social- Blog2Social is a time-efficient app that posts content to multiple social networks simultaneously. It also ensures that your posts both meet the set specifications and receive the attention they deserve. All you have to do is choose which posts you want to share and start promoting!


This WordPress plugin is free and has three premium versions: $89/year and allows social media marketing and cross-promotion. With this plugin, anyone can create blog posts that are relevant to their unique blog and will be shared automatically.




If you're a blogger, it's important that you use plugins like these to make your blog more accessible and user-friendly. These top 5 plugins will help other bloggers to find your content easily and they'll help you organize the many different media files on your site. Use them wisely!


In the end, thanks for reading this post and spending your valuable time with me. if you have any query or suggestions then feel free t share them with me.

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