A complete guide that every user should know about Google reverse image search.

A complete guide that every user should know about Google reverse image search.

Hello folks, Today I am going to share a topic reverse image search feature of Google. This is a very popular and effective trick for every user to find the facts behind an image.

Have you ever seen a blog post, flip through a magazine or blog, and wonder who the person in the picture was?

Have you thought to find this out before but not really done anything about it? But we won't need to wonder for much longer because Google Reverse Image Search is here!


What is a reverse image search on Google?


This is a technique of searching a particular image over Google search and then Google gives the facts or information related to that image.

As its name simplify its working reverse image search means what you upload to search it reverse that image with all similar images and information also from the web.


Why did we choose the Google reverse image search feature?


You can do a reverse image search on Google images for FREE. With these features, you can find out if mugshots were used without permission and find visually similar images of your photos.


Reverse image search is a Google function that’s used to find out the original source of an image or the approximate date when the picture was first published on the internet. Journalists can find reverse search functions useful in identifying unusual images, or determining if reporters are able to use photos for free online. 

Photographers often use the ‘search by image’ function to know when other websites are using their photographs without permission.


Using reverse image search you can see where photos originated, as well as who the subjects of identifiable images truly are.

Reverse Search is commonly used by those dating on Tinder and those who travel for knowing the location of the photo they’re looking at to correctly identify it, but many sites also utilize the search option to help avoid unauthorized use of their uploaded content.


Google reverse image search allows the user to anonymously upload any images you have without fear of repercussions or them being shared publicly.

The AI will host your uploaded photos securely on the Google Cloud where they are automatically deleted within hours of uploading for safety reasons.


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How to do reverse image search over your android mobile.

1. You need to open your chrome browser and select the image over the webpage that you want to search with.

A complete guide that every user should know about Google reverse image search.

2. Now tap that image and wait till a popup appear and click on search with google image.

3. Finally you will get all the related results on your mobile screen.


Do reverse image search is applicable on screenshots as well?

Yes, you can use screenshots also to find out the same result of that image. There are simple steps to be followed to use that.

      ·        At first you need to capture the screenshot of that image you want to search over google reverse image.

      ·        Then you need to save that image on your desktop.

      ·        Now you have 2 options to choose an image ie from the gallery and from the website URL also.

      ·        You can also drag the image to the search bar of Google also to find out simply by a single click.


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