How to send a message over Whatsapp without saving the number?


How to send a message over Whatsapp without saving the number

Hey folks, We all have Smartphone’s and we all know the value of Whatsapp on it.

 As per the record, around 490 million are using Whatsapp these days.

This is one of the most favorable messaging apps for being in touch with your dear ones.

Is it possible to send a message over WhatsApp without saving the number? When someone put these types of query in front of you so you are totally confused and thought is it really happening?

Yes, now Whatsapp has this dazzling feature to chat directly to anyone whom they want to connect in person.


How to send a message over Whatsapp without saving the number?

I would love to share 2 tricks for doing that so it is useful for all of the users who waste their time by saving contacts all the time to send Whatsapp to others.


1. Clickable link to chat-Whatsapp launches a unique link for the users to just use and start chatting with whom they want without saving the number.

How to use this link and start chatting with an unknown person?

    ·      Simply go to the URL and type number of the person to contact directly.

    ·      After this you need to enter on that URL and WhatsApp chat is open and you are redirected to that person only for chat. 

    ·   Is it quite simple to use instead of saving numbers on your mobile every time.

    ·    But in this URL don’t use +91 and 0 in the prefix of any mobile number.


Hope you like this trick to chat instantly with anyone who is not present in your contact list but you want to text something over WhatsApp without saving your number.

This trick is only for android users, we have a trick for iPhone users as well.


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2. Sirsi shortcuts app.

If you are using iPhone, there are also easy steps to chat with an unknown person without adding the number.

Some steps to be followed for this are:

    ·       First need to download the Sirsi shortcuts app.

    ·       After successful installation, open that app and click on the gallery on the bottom right.

    ·       Now add shortcuts as per your need run.

    ·       Then next <settings >shortcuts> enable allow untrusted app to run this app in your iPhone.

    ·      Now after all this, you can see an option for noncontact users to chat directly.

    ·     You can run from here or tap the 3 dots at the bottom to add this shortcut to your home screen as a shortcut to Whatsapp.

    ·       Now finally you just have to enter the receipt number whom you like to chat with.



In the end, thanks for reading this post and spending your valuable time with us. 

If you have any queries or suggestions regarding this, so feel free to talk with me in the below comment box.

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