7 Best Indian web series to watch on Hotstar in December 2021.

7 Best Indian web series to watch on Hotstar in December 2021.

7 Best Indian web series to watch on Hotstar in December 2021.


Hey guys, Hope you are doing well. Today I want to share some of the best Indian web series to watch for double the entertainment in  December 2021.

As we all know, Hotstar has a vast collection of movies, TV shows, and series to watch at any time. 

There are so many series to watch over Hotstar but we can't watch them all.

Meanwhile, as per my advice you must watch these 7 best Indian web series in December 2021 that will give you the full entertainment and thrill that you are looking for.

Before starting that I would like to tell you that if you don’t have Hotstar or Hotstar subscription, so pls go and get now and enjoy the real-time thrill and lots of exciting tv shows.

Here I present the 7 Best Indian web series to watch on Hotstar in December 2021.


1. Special Ops 1.5 - This is a very popular series these days and the story revolves around a RAW agent named ”Himmat Singh”.If you are looking for the best action-thriller series to watch then you must watch this and it is the first part as well.

You can say anything like this is the prequel or the sequel of Special Ops that was launched last year.

 But the energy and intensity you will see in this are fantastic to watch on any OTT platform.

The story begins with  Himat Singh's life and his achievement during his service and how he become Himmat Singh is deeply explained in this series.


2. Aarya 2- You might have heard the name “Aarya”  before. This is also one of the popular crime thriller dramas streaming on Hotstar and this is the 2nd part of the Aarya launch last year.

In this drama, you will see Sushmita sen in a different role and one of the best moves from her that attract users to watch and you enjoy a lot.

This drama is all about the revenge of his husband's murder  “Chandrchur Singh”. In this part, Aarya is ready with action to protect her family.


3.  Criminal Justice  Behind closed doors- As its name simplifies its story, this is one of the best murder mystery drama that I had ever watched on Hotstar.

The series was released last year and we all are eagerly waiting for his next part.

The star cast was awesome especially Pankaj Tripathi as we all know he is the one who makes the ott platform more valuable.

I don’t want to explain the story here but once you are watching this drama, you never turn off your TV/laptop while the story ends that I Bet with you.

The roles and story plot make the drama more fantastic and bound you to complete the series within the same day.


4.  Grahan – This is one of the top-level series that is full of drama, action, and thrill to watch this month.

The story is all about the character “Amrita Singh” an IPS officer that is showing her skills and moving to control the crime.

This is a real story and the story plot was of 1984 and 2006 and they did a great job while making this series that exciting to watch.

Here you get violence, drama, and crime as well but apart from that, the story is very impactful and interesting to watch.

This was released recently and available on Hotstar for you to get full enjoyment in this December month.


5.  Out of Love-  This is an Indian-based drama that is full of thrill for the users to watch and you always love to watch this kind of series if I am not wrong.

The story begins with a happily married couple but after that partner gets suspicious of each other and then the story begins with all drama and the way the couple takes revenge on each other.

The story is simple but interesting to watch and in every episode, you will find new facts so it gives you a kind of addiction to watch the next episode.




6. Hostages- Are you ready to watch this super thrill Indian drama based on kidnapping and how everyone manages to survive and overcome this terrible situation.

The story began with a doctor and a sweet family but the twist is when the doctor and all his family are kidnapped by some of the unknown persons and then what they demand and why they doing this.

All you need to know under this only, so watch now this is a very exciting and famous drama series that you never want to miss out over Hotstar.

The story is always good and the star cast was performed terrifically by every single character.


7. 1962 The war in the hills- Are you ready to enjoy and thrill of one of the best wars against the Chinese. 

The story plot was inspired by the true story of 1962 and the battle war against the Chinese till the last bullet.

In this battle, Indians have 124 soldiers and they have to struggle against 3000 Chinese but finally, they won this battle.

The main character was played by Suraj Singh(Abhay Deol). You must watch this series if you haven’t watched this battle yet.

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In the end, thanks for reading this post and spending your valuable time with me. Hope you are love this blog and you will be exciting to watch all these web series this month. 

If you feel any queries or suggestions about any web series then feel free to share with me in the below comment box.

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