NASA delays Space Telescope launch to December 22nd after site incident.

Hey folks, NASA is a very popular and common name for all of us in today's technology

NASA delays  Space Telescope launch to December 22nd after site incident.

NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration

 As we all know that this time NASA delays the launch of Space Telescope to Dec 22nd, 2021 due to the site incident.

The James  Webb Space will have to wait for few days for the launch of the Telescope.

This delay occurred by the technicians while preparing to attach the telescope to the Ariane 5 rocket


What is the incident happens while preparing the space launch on 18th December 2021 ?

In real the technicians are busy to attach the 10$ billion dollar to launch an adaptor that is used to fix the upper stage of Aeriane rocket.

 And in sudden unplanned release of clam band cause vibration while preparing the telescope.

 As per the US agency “the whole incident occur while operations are taking place and all are under Ariane space responsibility.



Ariane Space is one of the finest French launch company for the contract to launch telescope.


After all this NASA team are looking for investing how it happened.

NASA also start Test to determine that the incident not met with any serious damages.

If all goes well by NASA  than the Space Telescope launch on 18th Dec but now it may delay a few days and expected to launch on 22nd probably.

If NASA successfully launches their telescope then it will very helpful for all the researchers. The researcher are ready to use this webb space telescope to look back in time.

The webb space telescope is very powerful tool and we can see the first stars, galaxy that was formed before billions years ago.

This is very good for Indian to get this kind of opportunity and if it happens than every country will make proud too.


The Webb was launched in 2007 with mission costs increasing as delay.Now after so many years they again plan something bigger with that telescope launch.

Hopefully we will get success and uncover so many interesting facts after launching  this telescope by NASA.


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