A Step-By-Step Guide to make Google pay, Phone pay and Paytm UPI payments without Internet.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Make  Google pay, Phone pay and Paytm UPI payments without Internet.

Hey folks, Today I am going to share one of the trending topics these days.

Can you make an online payment without having an Internet connection on my device? You all are in trouble right that how it’s possible to make transactions without Internet.

But this time it's not a joke, this is done by NPCI(National Payments Corporation of India.

As we all know how we are totally dependent on Digital Payment since Covid 19 started. However, all these Digital services required a decent Internet connection every time when you want to do a transaction.


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Is it Good for the users to have offline features?

Yes, It is useful for the users because we all know that when you are in the middle of any transaction and someone calls you, so at that time your internet connections break or the API that works in this process also fails.

By using offline features our time and money both save because when the internet break then API fails to proceed with the payment during any digital wallet UPI.

This is one of the drawback we can say of using UPI.


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How to make offline transactions by using Digital wallet services.


Here I guide you  a Step By Step procedure to follow to start making your online transactions with the offline feature provided by the NPCI.


1-First you should link your mobile number with your current Bank.

2. Then you have to dial *99# through your mobile.

3. Now it's time to choose your language as per your convenience you can set the language and proceed further.

4. Now you will hear a menu option with multiple features for the users.

5. But You have to focus on sending money and press 1 to move forward.

6. Now select the option like Paytm, phone pay what kind of services you are using for making transactions.

7. After choosing the preferable option as per your suitability revert with 1.

8. Now its ask you to provide the receiver's mobile number that is linked with his Bank account.

9. Finally you have to enter the amount that you want to send to the receiver with remark also for safety purposes.

10. The last step is that you need to write UPI PIN.


Now finally your transaction has been successfully completed offline. If you want to disable your UPI then you too need to follow the same procedure.

In the end, thanks for reading this post and I hope you really enjoy this topic and it is very useful for you also.

If you have any queries or any kind of suggestion then feel free to share with me in the below comment box.


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