Best 11 Productivity and Time Management apps in 2021.

Best 11 Productivity and Time Management apps in 2021.

Hey guys, You all are very busy in your life to do your work on time. You always need a reminder for completing such types of things on time.

But it is not possible to always have a reminder with you?

Yes it is I’m going to share the best 11 Productivity and Time Management apps to be used and do your work smartly and it also saves your time.

To manage time and do work smartly, there are plenty of productivity apps are there over play store.

But the thing is how we can classify which is going to be productive for us.


Let’s take a look at these best 11 productivity apps that will really help you to achieve more in 2021.


1. Note-taking – Are you a student and you always worried to maintain your notes in a single place.

I will suggest you use this app and start creating your notes at the same without having any pen and paper.

It organizes the notes in such a manner that it would be easier for you to revise anytime as per your requirement.



2. Todoist- This is one of the best and uses a productivity app to have on your mobile phone.

It basically manage your schedule for the day and if it’s found a little complex, then it converts to a simple form to manage easily. 

You can create your task for the day and customize in any way that you want to organize.

You can also track your progress of the work and see that you are on the correct platform while achieving your goals.


3.  Slack- This is a free version to use and it is compatible with android, Mac, and iOS too.

This is simply a messaging platform designed for teams to handle work easily from home.

These days this is the basic tool for all of the users who are doing work from home. 

By using this you can organize your meetings as well and share things over there by remote.

It support both voice and video features for the users. You can also share your screen if you want to share it with your colleagues.


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4. Y Productive- It is one of the powerful tools that enhance your productivity by blocking the sites that are distracting you in between your work.

It also calculate the amount of time you spent on a particular project.

As per the analysis you are distracted at least 50 times per day, but using this we can avoid this distraction by just blocking all sites.

You can built a personal space for you to get a cool working environment.

It is compatible with Mac and windows.

It also supports all browsers like chrome, safari, Mozilla.


5. Toggl- This is one of the best tracking tools designed for desktops. You can use it offline as well to count the no of hours you spent on the desktop.

It also organizes your time as per the projects. 

One of the fantastic features is if you are not moving your mouse for a couple of minutes then it shows an alert.

By this your distraction has been removed and you start doing your work at the same time.

You can also use as a tracking app for the employees that how much time they work over his desktop.

6. Freedom-   This is also one of the anti distraction app for the users who are not focused on their work and start wasting their time on other sites.

It will basically blocks all the unnecessary websites, apps at the time of working hours.

The benefit of using this is that you are always in an idle position for finishing the task given to you.


7. Pocket-  Are you a reading lover? most of the times you love to read out anything over mobile and laptop through various sites.

Let us assume you just find an interesting story over the web and you don’t have time at the same to read.

By using The pocket app you can save that particular URL to read that topic in the future.

Basically, whenever you need the content, you just go and read offline using a Pocket app.


8. Serene- This app is basically designed for the employees who are doing work from home during this pandemic.

It organizes your work in a simple way and without having any distractions.

Sometimes you have some multiple works to do, but in this case, generally, you get confused.

To make your work productive, You must use this app to organize your work separately as per the day.

By using this you can daily finish your task and don’t feel any burden.


9. Google calendar- You all are familiar with that Google calendar. This is a kind of notes for you to always remind about the meetings.

You can also use multiple calendars for multiple tasks by color-coding over it.

It alerts you whenever you are having any video call or kind of meeting over the internet.

They always remind you before 30 minutes  of the meeting time to manage things and be in a ready position.



10.  Grammarly app- Most of the users was already using it for better writing of articles over web.

To control and reduce your grammar mistakes, You must have this app or extension in your mobile as well as in laptop/desktop.

It's free to use for basic edition but if you want to be a perfect writer without any error then you should buy this.


I am also using its free version to overcome my mistakes on my article written by me.

It counts your entire sentence, words mistake, grammar mistakes and so many things that make your article is best.


11. Brain.FM- It is an app that will help to release your all stress within a minute by just listening to the music. 

This app is basically designed for the brain to enhance relaxation and focus on your work.

You must need to take a nap between your working hours by playing songs that will give relaxation to your brain.

The developers of this app designed the music as per the desire of your brain.

It is free to download over play store,

In the end, thanks for reading this post and spent your valuable time with me. 

If you have any queries or suggestions regarding this then feel free to share in the below comment box.

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