Why Is Best 21 Chrome Extensions The Most Trending Thing Now?

Why Is Best 21 Chrome Extensions The Most Trending Thing Now

Hello world, Today I am going to share the best 21 chrome extensions that will useful for you.

You all are using Google chrome and if you are not using extensions so pls try using it and manage things easily.

There are several chrome extensions are there in the Google Chrome web store some are free and some are paid.

Google chrome plays a crucial role in our life to make things easier.


Best 21 chrome extensions for you


1.  Breaking news Tab- This extension gives you the current update regarding all the latest news from over 130 regions.

You can stay up to date with this by just click on this extension.


2. Last Pass- As its name signify its function, yes it is used to store all your passwords used in Google chrome.

You don’t need to remind all of them in your mind, so just using it extension and feel free to work.


3. Click and clean- You are continuously working over the  browser for searching lots of things over there.

It can be a tedious task to manually removing your cookies, history every time, but now using this it automatically removes all the cache and logs with one click.


4. Fair adblocker- When you are working over chrome and you are getting irritated by getting so many unwanted ads on your screen.

This offers you to block unwanted and dangerous ads that could harm your pc.


5. Moz bar- Are you a blogger and you want to calculate what traffic does your website gets in a month?

This is the perfect extension for checking all the information regarding your blog/website that you want


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6. Start.me- By using this you can convert each tab opens in chrome as a separate dashboard.

You can also save as bookmarks, widgets, and so on.

This could be very useful to manage your work smartly.


7. Grammarly- This extension is very useful for bloggers to review their article by simply placing it over Grammarly.

They check all spelling, grammar, syntax, mistakes deeply and suggest how to write those words differently.


8. Google Keep Chrome Extension- It gives you a workspace to save all kinds of content that you want to store over Google.

It safe and reliable because it is a Google extension to keep your data safe.


9. IE Tab extension- This is one of the trending and useful chrome extensions to feel internet explorer in Google chrome browser.

By installing this to chrome, you can use chrome as an  internet explorer simply.


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10. Momentum- This is a kind of dashboard that gives you lovely photos, quotes, forecast updates and performs a to-do list for you to manage your work.


11. Panic button- Sometimes you are working on something and your internet is not as good, so you want to hide the tabs without using the  internet by just one click all your tabs will hide and you can restore them later.


12. Print-friendly & pdf- This is a useful extension that removed all unwanted ads on the pdf before taking out the print to save paper.

You must use this before giving a print to change font size and to remove unnecessary things from that pdf.


13. Stay focused- This helps you to increase your productivity by setting up a limit over a website that you already used before on the same day.

You can set a list of websites that you already visited to not see those sites again to save your time.


14. Floating Player- When you are in the middle of some work and you get bored and want to explore youtube for a change.

This extension will let you enable a short window inside the chrome to see whatever you want.


15. Google Calendar- It will always be going to notify you about the upcoming events in Gcal.

You can set orange color for your events in the present month when you are looking at the calendar.


16. Joymems- Yes you are right as its name suggests Joy and it brings joy in your daily life.

When you open a tab it redirects to one of your Google photos every time.

17.  Official quora chrome extension-You all are very well known about quora where you can search for anything.

By using this tool you can get notifications from anyone who posts something over quora and also gets answers simply.


18. Sticky notes-Suppose you are working seriously on something and suddenly you remind a thing to note down.

Now you need a pop-up sticky notes extension to make your notes in different fonts and color.


19.  Turn of the lights- You are watching a video and you don’t want any high brightness or to change the lights over the screen.

You need this extension to set the light dim or off as per the environment.


20.  Tab wrangler-  Are you the kind of person who loves to opens so many tabs in chrome and start working, but it may consume your internet speed too.

We have an extension that automatically closes that tab that seems to be unused by the user and you can reopen all tabs with just 1 single click.


21.  Zoom scheduler- It helps you to arrange your Zoom meeting directly from google calendar.You no need to worry about your meeting.



It gives you a good sound, video and you can record the screen as well.


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In end, thanks for reading this post and you have any queries or suggestions related to this post, so feel free to share with me in the below comment box.


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