Say Goodbye to Google photos and try these 5 alternatives for cloud storage


Say Goodbye to Google photos and try these 5 alternatives for cloud storage

Hello internet Today I would like to discuss a trendy and useful topic that is “Google photos”’.

As we know we all have some kind of useful data in bulk amount so we also need a space to store all the data.

As per the record, around 2 billion users are currently using Google photos to save their data and 4 trillion images and video at present are stored.


Why Google has stopped their free service?


Google photo is a very familiar and useful app for all of the users. 

To store bulk data we always think about Google photos because it's safe and secure too.

To manage things over this app is expensive too, this is the major reason for ending up these free services.

Now Google takes fees since  June 1 as per storage required by the user.


Top 5 alternatives to store your data over the cloud.


     1.    Jio cloud- This is the perfect replacement for Google photos to save your data-free overcloud.

This is a free of cost service by Jio for the users to store their data as a backup by just signing it over Jio cloud.

You can store up to 100 GB of your data over it and access it from anywhere by any device like laptop mobile and TV.

Say Goodbye to Google photos and try these 5 alternatives for cloud storage


Benefits of using Jio cloud.

     ·     Data saved separately- It allows you to save your media images and videos. It helps you to find out the data quickly and as per your need.


     ·      Sharing is caring- The data you stored over the cloud can be share quickly over clouds with your friends.

You can share as much as data you want to share by using a public link.


·       Easy to take a backup- It offers to let you enable the auto backup feature from your mobile to directly overcloud.

You no need to worry about your new and existing data in the mobile will be automatically saved over the cloud as backup.



2. pCloud- This service is also manage a good rank over the top cloud storage services.

 It will offer you around 10 GB of free storage and you also get 1GB per refer this to your near ones.


Say Goodbye to Google photos and try these 5 alternatives for cloud storage

Benefits of using pCloud.

  • Easy to access on any device-  The data you stored can be accessible from everywhere and easy to handle.
This service handles your data easily by making separate folders as per the user's need.

  • Simple File retrieval- You have lots of data store over the cloud and whenever you want a specific file so you can easily go for it.
It enables you a filter for your search and after that, you simply hit enter and the data you want is clearly visible to you.

  • Multiple sharing feature- It gives you a public link to download your data over the cloud.
You can also invite your friends to see what you have in your cloud and if anyone required something.

You can give permission to view only and for edit too.

3. Media fire This is a hosting service and cloud storage too. 
It is one of the top-level cloud storage for the users to secure their data over the cloud.

Benefits of using Mediafire.

  • Music and data sync automatically- To make it accessible from anywhere it syn and backups your data smoothly overcloud.

  • Sharing is caring- Whenever a friend sends you a file over the cloud you will see a follow option over there. By this, the file will automatically be added to your following lits over Mediafire.

  • Additional data by downloading app- They will gives you 4 gb extra data when your share the link over social sites.
You can also get 4GB of extra space by just installing this app over a desktop or on mobile.

4. Nord locker-  This is very well known for its best VPN(virtual private network) and it is one of the popular alternates to Google photos.

Benefits of using Nordlocker.

  • High-end security for the users- The data you stored over there is highly secured by end-to-end encryption as well.
To take backup of any data is simple to allow by just drag & drop.

  • Share your data safely-  It allows you to send the data to your friends over the cloud in encrypted form so that no one can access it.
You can share your locker via link also.

  • Acess from anywhere-  You are free to go somewhere because the data can be accessed from anywhere from any device.
By simply login into your account, you can access it.

5. Amazon photos- This is also a great app when we are talking about the alternates of google photos.
In this, the amazon users and prime users both have unique facilities for saving their data.

    Benefits of using Amazon photos.'

  • Reliable to use-  As we all are using amazon for so many years and we can trust it.

The infrastructure is really good to manage things simply.

    • Best security level- It also offers high-quality security of end-to-end encryption for the users.
  • Flexible and easy to handle- AWS developed its services so simple and secure for vendors to handle them easily.

In the end, thanks for reading this post and if you have any queries related to this, then feel free to share your valuable opinion in the below comment box.

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