7 Simple Tips to make your website mobile-friendly

Hey guys, Today I am going to share a very interesting and useful topic for all of the bloggers. You all are very used to smartphones and any query or suggestions you want so you can search over Google.

In today's world as technology is increasing day by day requires a fast and smart device that finishes your work on your fingertip.

At present we have around 4.33 billion active users of mobile, so you can aware of that how much users use the mobile for getting serf anything over the web.

As per this estimation, we all know that how many chances are there for the users to read your blog over a mobile rather than a laptop.


7 Simple Tips to make your website mobile-friendly

Let's go through this article by reading out the below points.


1 . What is a mobile-friendly or responsive website?

2. Benefits of making a mobile-friendly website.

3. 7 simple steps to make your website mobile-friendly.

4. How to check whether your site is responsive or not?



Let's get started through these 4  points in this post and after reading this will clarify all your doubts regarding mobile-friendly websites.


      1.    What is a mobile-friendly or responsive website?

A  website that is easy to open over your mobile and the entire layout is always clearly visible.

The website is designed as per the user's need over mobile and how good the website is seen on mobile.

All the images and font will clearly visible and the layout remains the same.



      2.    Benefits of making a mobile-friendly website.


·       Site works faster and smoother.

·      Easy to read content without having any issues.

·       Page loading time is less.

·       Best user experience towards your site and bounce rate also decreases.

·       Rank over Google will also increase.

·       It will enhance your SEO score over Google.


     3.    7 simple steps to make your website mobile-friendly.


1. Optimize your images and CSS- Try to fully optimize your images and CSS used inside your post in the blog. Most of the bloggers are having so many images and videos are there to interact with the users.

 But it also increased your page loading time and due to this a user is unable to see properly your blog on his mobile.

Due to this slow response time, customers get irritated and immediately get back from your site.


      2.  Make your website responsive in nature- This is a very important point for all of the bloggers who are running their blog.

A responsive website will be always easy to open on mobiles and it is the main reason why a user should read your content on mobile.

    3Layout should be simple and clean-The layout means the theme and the way you organize your menus, ads, and whatever you have seen over your blog page.


If you have a simple layout, then the user should easy to understand on its mobile and then he loves to read the content.


Sometimes we just putting so many ads and popup ads as well and these are very irritating for the mobile users to get interrupted while he is reading out your blog.


 4.  Always focus on large Font size-As you know when a user read a topic in his mobile with a small screen instead of a laptop with the bigger screen.

Pls always use bigger font so it’s clearly readable for all and the user will easily read out what you actually had written inside your post.


As per my suggestion, you should use around 16 sizes of your font for a better experience for users.


5. Provide a way to switch to desktop mode as well- Most of the mobile users will love to read the blog in desktop view by their mobile as well.


You will always have an option for that, so when a user wants to read out the content in desktop mode, then he will be able to switch instantly.



6. Avoid using flash in your website/blogs- We always love to see animation effects over a website. 

This is very useful tips to attract user by having animations on your site.

But it is usually not supported over your mobile devices and result slow down your site.

Finally user get frustrated and its bounce back to another site so after this your website bounce rate will also increase, and this is not good if you are new to blogging carrier.


7. Boost up your website speed- You may sometimes only focus on your content and about the images you posted in your blog.

But you forget about the page loading time, how much time your website/blog takes to open for the users.

Try to use images of less size with a good format like png, jpeg only.

Make sure that your site doesn’t have any extra CSS, if have then you should automatically remove first.

Your website will always going to be smooth and should open as quick as possible for the users to easily handle over mobile.



4. How to check whether your site is responsive or not?

There are so many tools over online to check this but we have also a free and simple option to check.

You can go for screenfly.org website to check in all formats by doing a few steps.

7 Simple Tips to make your website mobile-friendly

 First, you need to open this site by given link or manually and then just paste your site link over there and hit enter.

Now it shows so many options for the users to check how actually their  site is looking in all gadgets like tv, laptop, tablet and etc


Now another simple option is there for all the users is.

You just need to open your website and just resize its size by pressing ctrl + and ctr – as well.

You will see how the layout is, it is not proper to read than your site is not responsive and if it is then your site is responsive and all the layouts remain the same but small in size while reducing the size.


 In laptop mode

7 Simple Tips to make your website mobile-friendly

While in mobile mode

In the end, thanks for reading this post, and if if you have any queries or suggestions related to this, then feel free to share with me in the below comment box.


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