What’s So trendy About Cloud Computing that everyone is crazy over it?

What’s So trendy About Cloud Computing that everyone is crazy over it


Hey folks, when we talk about the latest technology, so we all heard the name “Cloud computing”.

Basically Cloud is a very useful and familiar term these days as we know we have the bulk of data to store and that require so many hard drives.

Have u ever wonder that what happens when we don’t have enough storage capacity to store the data?

At that time we should have to use the cloud, this is so simple to use and manage your data over internet with full security.


In this post, I’m going to share about cloud computing and its benefits and where actually we are using it in our daily life.



Content to be discussed

     1.  What is cloud computing?

     2.  Benefits of using cloud computing.

     3. Types of services provided to the users.

     4.   How does cloud computing works?



1. What is Cloud Computing?

This is a very helpful and essential service for all internet users.

 In a simple manner, this is a kind of service that offers you to deliver any type of data over the internet.

It also includes software, networks, servers, and other functions to be operated by using Cloud.

The finest thing about Cloud is you can easily access your data from anywhere.

You don’t need to sit near any physical device to access or to use any Hard disk, Pen drives for transferring data over the network.


Sometimes we afraid when we have our crucial data inside a Pendrive and badly the Pendrive may corrupt or the data has been lost.



2. Benefits of using Cloud computing


  Ø Entertainment

This is very common and useful example of cloud. As per the technology and the generation move on the entertainment level is also on the peak.

We all want to see new movies with high-speed internet with high storage data of these movies to be shown over Netflix, Hulu.

These days we have all movies, TV serials, songs, games and applications, and many more available over Cloud.

As per my personal opinion Cloud computing plays a fantastic role to double the entertainment by providing these things easily.

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  Ø To manage Big Data analytics.

What’s So trendy About Cloud Computing that everyone is crazy over it

To manage Big data and to extract some type of data and then analyze the whole big data is sometimes very complex to handle.

By using Cloud, you can easily set the data and find out the exact information from the bulk data without having any Bug.

This also saves your time and it provides accuracy as well.


  Ø  To Create Backup.

This is very common reply for all of the users who willing to use Cloud because they all are afraid of losing the old data from their devices.

In our personal laptop, we have so many memories like our childhood pictures, favorites songs and movies.

We all have that collection and we also know the pain of losing it.

At that time we need "Cloud" as a backup source, once you store your data over Cloud, then it may permanently store over it and easily accessible from anywhere by any network.


3. Types of services

There are mainly 3 types of sevices

   Ø Software service

   Ø Platform service

   Ø Infrastructure service


Software service- This is very popular and common service in our daily life. 

Many of us are using this service to complete our task on time.

It gives you a permit to access any software through a browser or app.

Most of the software is free to access but only a few of them are paid as per month or annual subscription.

EX- Dropbox and Google Docs.


Platform service-This is a cloud environment that supports the web application in which the development and deployment both are involve.

It really play a key factor by managing all the things like users, testing and to update all of the data as per the requirement.

Ex-Google App and Windows Azure


Infrastructure service- This process involves the same process as in computers like storage capacity, hardware and servers.

But the Good thing is that all these features are provided by this service at a single place cloud.

Ex-Amazon EC2 and Google computing Engine



4. How does cloud computing works?

You all are using Cloud service for storing your bulk data over here but how many of your are aware that How does it work?

In this topic, I’m going to teach how does Cloud computing works?

A cloud is generally, a place where you shared your data over the web and in the future also access or download as per your need.

Every cloud have its host and the hosting company also have the responsibility to maintain the data and provide them security as well.

There are several companies that are hosting Cloud is – Amazon(Amazon web services),Apple(iCloud), Google(Google drive)


Lets see how cloud work as per these 3 delivery models.


1. Public

As its name signify the feature, you can easily access this cloud from anywhere with the login credentials.

This is used by Google, Amazon and Microsoft  to access data to their users easily over the web.


2. Private

This is also same as above but they provide some extra features of hosting, data storage and that can be provided by the companies who are willing to use this.

The security level is also good as compared to the Public.


3. Hybrid

This is the combination of these two cloud models mentioned above.

In this two types of cloud are linked together over the web and whenever a user needs a resource then it helps.



In the end, thanks for reading this post. Hope you will like this post and if you have any query or suggestion then feel free to share with me in the below comment box.


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