The Millionaire Guide On How Search Engine Works And Rank Your Website over Google To Help You Get Rich


The Millionaire Guide On How Search Engine Works And Rank Your Website over Google To Help You Get Rich

Is running a blog is quite enough to become famous and get rich?

I don’t think so because running a blog is an elementary task but the tough task is to get ranked your post over Google search.

We have to follow so many SEO tips to boost our website rank. But how Google search engine works?


To understand how it works is really a useful thing for everyone and we should learn this for  better understanding of Google.

In this post I would guide you step by step that how the search engine works and rank your website to help you to get rich.


How search engine work?


·        You all are very well known of the term search engine.

·        A search engine is consists of several mechanisms engaged inside this process.

·        It really helps you to find out so many things like a webpage, images, and videos by typing particular keywords over the search bar.

·        Most of us are implementing SEO to boost up their site over Google search results.


Let’s see how Search engines work and the steps to be taken during its mechanism.


1.       Crawling- Whenever a crawler visit any website over Google and it automatically collects the data and stores it into it database.

     It also fetches all the internal and external links to the website to crawl in the future.

Basically, it works over crawlers to get scripts to clean up the information.It involves some process to get your site crawl over Google.

·        A set of count rules to be followed

·        It directly chooses the site to start crawling.

·        A proper algorithm of Google to be run.

·        The pages to be crawl and how it crawls.

·        Make sure your site is easily accessible to the crawlers.

·        A visit required in a proper manner to every single page or links inside the website.


The most important thing to rank your site is to check whether your site is accessible to the crawlers or not.


There are some of the top tips that help you to rank your site over Google and help the crawlers to easily manage it.


1.     Links- In your website you should create interlinks to move one page to another inside your site.

The crawlers required links to move smoothly between the pages to get your page rank and easily accessible to the users.


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2.     Make   an XML sitemap of your site-You should make a list of all pages include your blog post.

This is the perfect tool for crawlers to crawl the website over Google. 

There are lots of plugins that really fulfill your requirement as per the user.

I will suggest you two plugins that automatically generate your site plugins whenever you publish new content on your site.



Are you don’t know whether your site is accessible to crawlers or not.

Here you can check it out by using the Site audit tool, It gives you the complete report of your site.




3. Logical site hierarchy-   A proper architecture is always a good thing to have in your site to get the user's interaction.

It also helps the crawlers to easily access your site and move through your site to use the site smoothly.

The architecture of your site involves – Domain, categories defined, and also the subcategories mention in your site to understand the site simpler.



2. Indexing- This is the second step after the crawler got your page. Now after finding a page, It behaves like a browser does whenever a user hit anything over Google.

The search of the bot includes images, audio, and all the data that is present inside your website.

The Millionaire Guide On How Search Engine Works And Rank Your Website over Google To Help You Get Rich

The bot separates all these things on behalf of HTML, CSS and the keywords that mainly affect the a user over your site.

Then the Search engine stores the keyword database and reflect over Google search whenever a user wants to get any information related the keyword.


How to check your post URL is on Google or not?


1. Go to Google search console and click on the URL inspection button.

2. After that place your post URL over there and check whether they have your link over Google or not.


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3.     Ranking- Now this is the final step for the crawlers to get into the site and crawl the site easily. To search anything over Google uses a SERP algorithm to check which is best for the user.

In this process, Google runs several  functions to analyze  that what a user exactly want from Google and Google reflects the same.

The factors depend  are as follows:

·        The quality of Page and its content.

·        Speed should be good.

·        Mobile friendly

·        Backlink play a major role.

·        User interaction



How a user search anything over Google and how it gets the best results.


In this process, there are 3 steps to be followed by Google to show the best and useful search result to the user.


1.      A relevant Search – To get the best results from Google whenever a user searches any item over Google. You should learn how to search and how Google shows the relevant result.


Here is an example How Google SERP work to show the best relevant result as per the user need.

Suppose you want to search “what is a privy app? So it shows your all of the result that having a match with this sentence and even the single word or its synonyms.

You will always get new keywords and which are in trend these days.



2.     Display match related content- Once you are ready to find out the content or images then Google follows a series of factors that decide which page is best for the user.


·        Quality of content to be displayed.

·        Relevant content and fresh

·        Types of content over Google

·        Language

·        Popularity of the content

·        Perfect and trending topics


3.     Location factor may play an effective role-There are so many factors are there to run while a user search and Google decide which results suit you the best.


·        Settings related search-What do you want to search and how safely you are searching over the web.


·        Location to be search-While you are searching “Top fast food corners near me and any mobile shop near me. This type of search totally depends on the location


·        History of Search result- The history of the user also affect the result was shown by Google.

Once you Search  the keyword” Cricket” then it shows you the best search result related to this keyword and its synonym keywords.



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In the end, thanks for reading this post and if you have any suggestions regarding this post, so feel free to share in the below comment box


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