What's So Trendy About Technology Affect Your Health That Everyone Went Crazy Over It?

What's So Trendy About Technology Affect Your Health That Everyone Went Crazy Over It

Hey folks, Today I would like to share something on technology and how it affects your health.

You all know that how technology has been changed for so many years. There are some drawbacks also to using technology in an unorganized way.

But in some manner, the technology is having its own Pros and cons related to your health.

In this 21st century the generation is also going crazy to use new technology.

All things have its Good and Bad factors in it but the thing is how you can use it in your life.

Let me explain to you how the technology has been affected your health


1. As per the machines were increasing-   You all know as the demands and productivity of the Goods will increase.

The supply will also in the hike and to fulfill the demands we need more machines with high technology.

Now as such the demands were high the potential and energy produced by the machinery is also on a higher rate.

It causes harm to your health directly, when you are in contact with that machine radiations.


2.  Usage of Android mobiles-  In these days, the edition of using mobile is on hike by the youngsters.

Is it really Good or Bad to use so much mobile for makes your life entertaining and comfortable.

The usage of mobile is not as much bad in some manner but when you are spent most of the time in mobile, then it may harm your health.

The radiations emit to your body from mobile is really dangerous to your health.

As per the demand for High internet, the towers are having so many advanced type of radiations that can cause to you.


3.   Avoid outdoor game while playing games on mobile- The crucial factor in affecting your health is playing games in android over a long duration.

In old days you all supposed to play outdoor cricket, football and so on, but as per the technology changes.

The users demands will also on high peak of playing games continuously  during  the day and it causes lots of impact on the eyes.

In android mobile the radions used is Radiofrequency radiations and it may cause to cancer in massive use.

You all know the facts that the number of mobile users are rapidly increasing and due to this the development team must use high radiations signal wave to get better strength.

Conclusion - The final message of this topic is try to avoid mobiles when you don’t have work.

Go outside and play outdoor games, so  at least that  time you can spend quality  time apart from playing games so much.


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4.  No social life exists- As you know the technology has been at the top these days. We all are busy in our life but we have time to act on social sites so much like Facebook, Instagram, and so on.

What's So Trendy About Technology Affect Your Health That Everyone Went Crazy Over It

But how we forgot our social life and apart from this mobile we have so many social activities to do outside.

As the technology increases your social life will die and finally after so many years your feel like you are in isolation.


Try to reduce the usage of social media as you can, it is good for your health. The time you spent on your mobile to become socially active. You need to walk outside and start a conversation with your colleagues.

As per my analysis the age group of 17-30 is highly active on social sites instead of doing study and spent quality time with their parents too.




5. Poor physical posture and eye stress problems- You all are having smartphones, tablets, laptops, and once you are going to use any of these gadgets for a long time period.

 It may cause so many problems related to your physical postures and for your eyes also.

     ·   Brightness may affect your eyes to become stress.

     ·   The posture is unbalanced when you are sitting for a long time.

     ·    Screen time also a major cause of eye strain.

     ·     Distance between you and the gadget also affects your eyes.

Note- Taking a break while work on the laptop screen and try to blink your eyes much to reduce the constant view.

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In the end thanks for reading this post and spent your valuable time with me. If you have any suggestion or query so feel free to share in the below comment box.


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