PUBG VS FAUG Which is the best game to play in 2021

PUBG VS FAUG Which is the best game to play in 2021


Are you love to play games on your mobile? Is you answer is yes then you should try PUBG and FAUG game once in your life.

PUBG is one of the best battle games in this century that was launched in 2017 march.

Due to this pandemic, we all are losing our hope to play again this PUBG game after getting banned.

We all are curious to play and PUBG game once again in our mobile. But we all are aware of the fact that everyone has this game in his mobile while govt ban during the lockdown.

After the Indian govt banned PUBG mobile then we launched a battle strike game for the PUBG lover to play shooting games named”FAUG”.

FAUG was launched on 26th Jan 2021 and this is the good multiplayer game after PUBG.

But you can’t compare this game to PUBG and within it release it has been downloaded by millions of users.

Most of the users are quite confused that PUBG VS FAUG which one is the best game to play in 2021

Here I’m going to share some features that relate the  difference between both these games.


    1.    Sound quality- To engage your gamers in the game is quite easy with the sound quality and its effects. This is one of major difference for the gamers are the sound.

·       Real sound of an army suits best for playing this game.

·       You can talk to the user while playing the game and make plans to for attacking enemies.

·       Chat easily with the chatbox option

While in the case of FAUG GAME sound quality is almost different

    ·       Sound is not so good in comparison to PUBG.

    ·       Sound is slightly good to hear and play the game.

    ·       Background is also dull as compared to PUBG


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     2.    Gameplay features- When we supposed to play these type of battle games we always want high type guns and background.

In both the games we have so many advance features.

In PUBG we have

·       Highly advance machine guns and amo.

·       High graphics is available with stunning backgrounds.

·       Paragliding features are there.

·       Bikes and cars are also of Good quality that makes the game special to play.

          In FAUG we have

     ·  No Guns available in the current mode

     ·  Only a single mode is available at present.

     ·     Simple to manage things in this game.

     ·     Few types of equipment are there to hit the enemies.



     3.    Type of mode-There is so many exciting modes are there that attracts the user and engaged in this game.

In PUBG we have

·       1 classic- In this battle the Users have 40 min maximum to finish this game.

·       2 arcades- In this mode, the user takes around 15 minutes to strike.

·       3 Evo ground- Same as arcade

·       4. Arena- You have to play with your selected GUN during the gameplay till the end.

·       5 metro royal-Game is same as arena but you have to find amo as per the gun you will receive after jump in the game.

As we know PUBG is very familiar game to play especially for the youth these days. All of the modes are mention above is really fantastic to play as per our need.

In FAUG we have

     ·    Only a single classic mode

     ·     Rest modes are not available.

     ·       Training also available to grown-up your skills.



     4.    Game availability-As we all know PUBG mobile has been banned for few months and till now the game is not available at playstore.

On the other hand, FAUG is developed by India and the game is available at playstore to download free of cost.



Frequently asked questions by the user


·       Is PUBG game similar to FAUG.

As per my analysis while playing both the games, FAUG is not in a position to compete with PUBG.IN PUBG we have so many modes to play as per our need.

While in case of FAUG we have only a single mode to play with less weapons and AMO.

The locations are also quite different in both of the games.


·       Is FAUG name copied from the game PUBG?

Some of the users also have this question in their mind that the name is so much similar or copied with PUBG to gain the audience attraction.


·       IS FAUG graphics is better than PUBG?

This is also a common query for all of us that the graphics we have in PUBG is also same in FAUG?

My answer is NO, there is a huge difference at present and you can’t compare the graphics on this mode in FAUG.



At the end thanks for reading this post, I hope your mid will clear that which is the best battle shooting game for the generation to play in 2021.

 If you have any query or suggestion, then feel free to share in below comment box.


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