Why You Must Experience Guest Posting In Seo And Its Importance At Least Once In Your Lifetime

Why You Must Experience Guest Posting In Seo And Its Importance At Least Once In Your Lifetime

In blogging line, The most important thing is to do Guest posting SEO for your website and get your site ranked over Google.

There are lots of SEO tips that help you to interact with the customer to your site and engaged with your blog. If you want to make your blog content live over Google then you should experience SEO tips once in your lifetime.

In this post I would like to share about Guest Posting and how it helps to promote your website and getting traffic to your site.


Content to be discussed


     1.     What is Guest posting?

     2.     Benefits of Guest posting.

     3.     How it improves your website SEO by using Guest Posting.

     4.     How to find sites that accept Guest posting for you?

     5.     Top 51 sites for doing Guest Posting.



    1.     WHAT IS Guest posting?

Guest posting is simply a method or you can say trick to boost your website rank or to engage the audience to your site.

You have to just write articles for other users for their blog and if there are accepting guest posting, then it would be grateful to you.

The alternate name of Guest posting is also known as Guest blogging.

By doing guest posting to others blog is useful to build up a good relationship between the audience.

It really helps you to get a link, traffic to your website by just posting a blog on others' blogs by checking if his site is available for guest posting or not.

In blogging carrier, backlinks are the main factor to get ranked your website easily over the web.

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2. Benefits of Guest posting.

There are several benefits of doing guest posting for your blog and some of the important benefits were discovered by me.

·        It helps you to make backlinks to your website and it is the main factor to get traffic to your site.

·        You can easily get a constant and genuine traffic source by doing this.

·        By doing Guest posting your website brand and its domain the authority will increase simply.

·        In search of Guest posting, at least you can aware of the trendy blogs.

·        Your SEO will improve and it's good for your website.

·        Alexa rank will also increase as the traffic increase during Guest posting.


   3. How it improve your website SEO by using Guest Posting.

To keep your website performance better and getting more traffic is the toughest task these days.

The numbers of bloggers are too much and the competition is quite tough enough to get your post over Google's first page.

But you can do this if you have the tactics to use guest posting to improve your website SEO.

  Ø Backlink plays a key role- While we are doing guest posting for someone blog then you will place your link there.

As much you are writing content for someone's website as more your backlinks are generated.

This is the perfect thing to make backlinks to your site back and from this your SEO will definitely improve within a month.

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   Ø By using anchor text-This is also a good strategy that has been used for so many years by the bloggers while doing the Guest posting.

 In this what you really have to do is when you are inserting an image to the post at the time of submission.

At that time you should use your brand name”, post keyword, or the website name that you want to explore over the Google search.

This is the important step to make your blog post easily ranked with that anchor text.



4. How to find sites that accept Guest posting for you?

  To find out the websites that are accepting guest posting is a big problem for all of us.  

  But let me show you a few tips that are important to do while searching the sites over  Google for Guest posting.

    Find popular websites that are active socially over the web and their Alexa rank must be good.

    To find sites of good Domain authority you will have to explore the search over Google.

   Try to find out with the relevant keywords like

“Guest post” keyword

“Keyword” in URL: authors

“Guest author”” Keyword”

These are some common tricks to find out the good search result sites that accept your content to be display over their website.

Ø Be socially active and try to search around 20 websites and check the availability for Guest posting.


5. Top 51 sites for doing Guest Posting

There are so many websites are there over the web but how many of them are accepting guest posting.

How many of them are having a good Alexa rank.?

Here I am going to present the Top 51 sites that I explore for you for performing guest posting and all of them are having Good Domain authority and Alexa rank.


2.small Biz trends









11.Boggers passion.com




15.  Brand24Blog.com











26 fatbut.com




30. Tasteofhome,com

31. onegreenplanet.com

32. Fooddive.com

33. Lovemydress,com

34. Thebark.com

35. ASCD,org

36. Cosmobc.com

37. Entrepreneur.com

38. Foundr.com

39. inc42.com

40. self-growth,com

41. lifehack.com

42.  Babycentre.com

43. 5minutesformom.com

44. Forbes,com

45. Fastcompnay.com

46. lawfuel.com

47. Roohome,com

48.  Elephantjounal.com

49. indiewire.com

50. Metroparent,com

51. Slashdotcom

In the end, thanks for reading this post and I hope you will be happy after reading this post and try to boost up your SEO by the Guest posting method.

If you have any query or suggestion related to this topic, so pls share with me in the below comment box.




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