Top 5 Proven ways to start making money from Instagram

Top 5 Proven ways to start making money from Instagram

To run a blog is very familiar these days but the tough task is to monetize the blog and start making money. In this blog i would like to share the top 5 ways to start making money from instagram.

In the starting of blogging journey our main target is to get traffic to our blog and after that to monetize and start making revenue share from ads.

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networks of all time after Google and facebook.

These days Instagram is a much like app for the audience to share their photo, videos viral over internet.


Why we should choose Instagram for making money?

1.     Instagram have over 1 billion users those are socially active.

2.     As per the report 60 % of the users use this service for promoting his blog.

3.     Very much popular these days.

4.     Share photos and videos that interact the users.

5.     Trustable and useful tool for audience

6.     Engagement over instagram is increasing every year.


Here are the Top 5 Proven ways to start making money from Instagram.


1 Sell your products simply- In Instagram you can sell out our products as well instead of just sharing photos and videos to your colleague.

You have to create an account first on instagram and then upload the products with the price value.

The network is so large and most of the users are socially active on this platform.

To sell your digital products in instagram you need to connect your account with square.

After that upload your products in your post and start publish on your website created by square.

In square you have to just connect your account and it creates a website for you to sell out your products by sharing photos on instagram with the buyers.



2. Use instagram to promote affiliate marketing-Are you a blogger and  ready to sell products by sharing your generated link from flipkart amazon and so on at your blog.

To earn revenue share you have to simply create a link of product and publish over Instagram.

You can get much revenue from instagram because the active user in this is huge in compare to other social sites.

This is the main factor for getting revenue by selling out the products.

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3. Make poster and banner for your blog to promote- Many of the bloggers are used to make attractive images and videos for the promotion of their blog.

In Instagram the number of active user is around 1 billion so this is the best platform to promote.

Let me share an image to share your website by making banner images and videos to interact audience towards your blog.



4. Always post Good content – I have my blog and if i want to get traffic to get maximum revenue from my website, then you should post regularly with your post link.

To make sure that your content is interesting and valuable for the audience that they willing to open that link.

In Instagram, the numbers of users are increasing day by day.

You have to do only one thing that your content must be valuable and useful.


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5. Make sure you are socially active with a good fan following-These days we all are busy in our life but apart from this we have to maintain a social bonding with our near ones.

As much your fan following is good the more chance you will get view to your blog/website to earn income by hitting impressions or clicking ads.

Try to post more and good informative content with a link to your page/blog/website that you want to promote and earn revenue.


In the end, thanks for reading this post and spent your valuable time with me, if you have any query or suggestion related this post so pls feel free to share in the below comment box.

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