Propeller ads-A High-quality Network to monetize your website easily

Propeller ads-A High-quality Network to monetize your website easily

Propeller ads-A High-quality Network to monetize your website easily

Are you a blogger and you are looking for a network that monetizes your website by placing ads? There are so many high-quality ad networks is already set up their position in the market.

For bloggers, the biggest challenge is to attract traffic and finding a perfect website that monetizes your website easily.

As per my concern the best network is who places ads at the perfect location at your blog to monetize easily. To keep searching for an ads network is really a tough task for the bloggers.

The Propeller ads is one of the high earning networks that monetize your site by placing ads on your site and gives you money on every single impression.


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Content to be discussed

1. How to set up an account on Propeller Ads.

2. Types of ads serve by Propeller ads

3. Mode of payment and minimum payment.

4. Why it is really useful for Pro bloggers.




1. How to set up an account on Propeller ads- You heard somewhere that to set up an account for monetization is a tough job.

Steps to follow to create an account in a simple manner:

·        In this network you will have to just sign up for your account.

·        After that login and then you will have to add your website into your dashboard that you want to add.

·        For this click on add site and simply type your website URL that you want to add.

·        Now you will have to verify your ownership of your domain by using these 3 methods below;

·        By login to your domain account and verify

·        Add the verification code to your site before the head tag.

·        Upload the file into the root directory of your website.


·        Once your verification has been done then you are ready to upload ads on your site and start earning.


Before adding ads to your site, the first important is to get over from the types of ads.

There are so many ads network are there but to find which ads is best for your site is important.

So here I'm going to share the types of ads served by Propeller ads.


2. Types of ads serve by Propeller ads- To place an ad in your website is easy but to choose which ads perform best to your site is a tough task to do.

There are several types of ads are present by Propeller.

·        Pop under ads

·        Native Direct ads

·        Push notification ads

·        Dialogue and push up ads for mobile

·        Banner type for all sizes.

·        Interstitial ads for mobile.


Pop-under ads- These types of ads are a kind of pop up ads and these are useful to give you money by hitting impressions.

Once the user click on somewhere on your site so it redirects to another window to the ads.

These type of ads are very common these days to boost up your revenue.


Native Direct ads- You always saw skip that content option on live ads sometimes in YouTube.

 This is the type of ads that are placed a direct link to the site and it will give you dollars.

Your revenue will depend on the Geo, location and device factor used.

You can use these ads in videos also to place a skip to content option and link the ads on it.



Push Notification ads- If you are using an ads network then you should accept the truth that the technology has been grown up.

The completion is quite tough to place and getting revenue from ads because chrome has it ad blocker to restrict the ads or spam hits.

But you don’t need to worry because This notification also has an anti ad blocking system.

Only a few ads network serve these push notification ads that will really boost up your revenue.



Dialogue and Push up ads for mobile-This is a new type of ads to interact with the audience directly through the voice.

In this the Users can directly be engaged with the ads on your site by using their voice.

Gone are the days when only a few ads are available in the advertising market.

You should use this to improve your blogging and gear up your revenue by this interactive ad.


Banner types for all sizes- You are familiar with this ad type “banner” 

 It is  common and most of the bloggers are using this type to get impressions over the site.

As per the demand and choice all sizes of ads in the banner are available, It depends on the blog layout that suits the best to attract the audience.

Hint- Try to place a vertical banner in the front of your site to get an impression once the user visits your site.


Interstitial ads for mobile- These ads are so interactive and it almost covers the whole site page in between your content.

This type of Ads are really a good source of boosting up the revenue because of its size.

It incluses text,images, videos also in their ads to increase the cpc value as per the user and its location.

These ads are suported on mobile and laptop/desktop as well.



3. Mode of payment and minimum- We all are worried because of the minimum payout of the payment received by placing ads over your website.

But this type your don’t need to worry about this,.

It offers you to withdrawal your money at only 25$, This is the plus point for all the Pro bloggers who are really disappointed with the minimum payout terms in the beginning of Blogging.

There are several modes of payment are there:


Bank transfer


Web money


Credit card

Must read- Top 5 E-wallet to be used.


If your revenue cross around 50 $ per month then you can go for wire transfer or paypal because its minimum payout is 50 – 100 $.

Are you new in blogging? then you must go for payoneer in starting  to get money on 25 $.

Many of us are using ads network to build up our blogging carrier but only a  few of the bloggers know how and where the ads should place to get high revenue commission.




4. Why it is really useful for Pro blogger- In simple words, there are so many ads network are in the market.

The first Priority is Google AdSense to monetize your website.

Those who are not getting as much traffic in staring and want to start making money.

Propeller ads are the best place for placing ads. This is simple and free to use.

The best part of this is the approval time is not as long as others

.In staring we all want a network that matches your criteria. This network will pay you for hitting impressions on your site and lots of ads type are also a major factor.

Not eligible criteria or term and condition are not much tough to start.


Is it possible to run Google AdSense with Propeller ads on the same website?

Yes, You can most of the bloggers have this question in their mind.

If you are having an AdSense approved account and you want to use another network on the same website.

Google Adsense has some feature to get over this issue by just uploading a file to another site to maintain the revenue share of both websites.

You can run these two networks on your website and double your revenue share easily.


 Join now and start making your 1st dollar.

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In the end, thanks for reading this post and spent your valuable time with me.

If you have any other suggestions regarding this post then   feel free to share with me in the below comment box.



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