Zoom vs Google meet-Which one is appropriate to use in video conferencing

Zoom vs Google meet-Which one is appropriate to use in video conferencing

Hey folks, Are you looking for the best option for making video conferencing in your office or from home during this period of covid 19.

There are so many online apps, software are there but how many of them are solid to utilize? As I explore during these months, we have 2 better options for this  Zoom vs Google meet.

Now it's our call to choose the best from both of them. This is quite difficult for everyone to find which one is best for work.

Let me clear your doubt  by explaining both upsides and downsides, After this  I don’t think so that you will need any clarifications to select which one is best for you.


 Zoom- As you already aware Zoom is one of the useful online platform that has been using for a few months for making video conference by the office.

This is simple to use and it's available in-app also so it doesn’t need a laptop with You're to start a meeting.

They provide a free feature in his initial level and if you want some fascinating features, then you should pay to unlock its features.


GOOGLE Meet- A Google product that has been launched this year to make the meetings and conversations through mobile is going to be easy and simple. If you have a login to your Gmail account, then you will directly send an invitation to other partners to join the meeting.

Google can set reminders for meeting as this is a Google product so they have some extra features provided by Google himself to make sure that the users feel comfortable with that.

It has around 7000 reviews and a rating of 4.61 out of 5 that looks pretty for the users to use.

In the case of Google meet the reviews are around 9000 with a rating of 4.46 out of 5.

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Now as per the review and rating we didn’t choose the one option for video conferencing.


Why we think that Zoom is an appropriate platform for video conferencing?

    1.  The best platform for arranged meetings of larger groups.

    2.  Free account facility

    3.  You can host up to 50 users at a time.

    4.  It supports all operating systems include Linux.

    5.  Lots of tools are there to represent the meeting in a proper manner

    6.  Share screen and breakout room.

    7.  Max numbers of users are already have Zoom in their devices.

    8.    You can share slides to give a presentation online.

     9.    More than 1 host available.   

    10.   During the meeting, you also send or share videos, pdf file format through its chat options.

     11. Simple to manage meetings by just sharing a zoom link and id password to simply join.



Why we think that Google meet is an appropriate platform for video conferencing?

    1.  This is used for long meetings of 60 minutes.

    2. Send files directly to the connected users through the chat options.

    3. Free to use, no additional fees required.   

    4. Lots of tools available by google.

    5. You can take meetings for a group of 250 members maximum.

    6. Set calendars and set reminders for meetings.

    7. Not required any ad on software or app to run.

    8. Its business G suits also provide 30 GB storage.

    9. Simple and reliable because of the Google product.

    10. Free to use at the initial level.

    11.      Clarity is really good for video conferencing.




We just read about both and its features that attract users to use this service for their work.Zoom and Google meet both are good to use and have almost same features. As per the reviews and features, its quite difficult to choose one from these two.

Google meet is reliable because of G suits but most of the users are already working in Zoom.

In Google you will start a meeting with limitations of 60 minutes. No record facility is available in Google meet. While Zoom gives a profession and more attractive process of meeting.

If we talk to choose one then I will go with Zoom.

Zoom is less costive then Google, its simple to use and reliable for meetings with a group of around 500 people at the same time.It gives most of the useful features that you want at free of cost. In schools or in big companies they are using Zoom for making conferences.

Finally For quick meetings I will prefer Google meet.but in case of long meetings I will choose Zoom

Now it’s time for wrapping up, thanks for all to spend your valuable time with me. Hope you like the post and your doubts will clear to choose the best video conferencing apps for performing your work on time. if you have any query or suggestion regarding this then feel free to comment below.

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