Best 5 alternate of PUBG game to play in 2020.

Best 5 alternate of PUBG game to play in 2020.

Hey folks, we all love to play games in our free time. There are millions of games are there to play but some of them are mostly loveable to play.

As we know PUBG game is a very popular and common game to be played for all of us but as per the Indian govt due to this Covid 19 Our government has banned around 60 apps this year i the month of July.

When these apps were removed then it doesn’t affect our work so much but can u imagine that when we decide to remove the PUBG game from playstore to be download anymore. This is the tough decision taken by the Government

This was shocking news for all of us those days, But let me show you some best alternate to PUBG game to play in 2020 that really the complete entertainer of the game like PUBG.

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After so many research over the Internet, I'm ready with my decision to play these top survival games will definitely give you more fun.

Here I am going to get in touch with the best 5 Alternate of PUBG to play this year.


1.  Call of Duty

2. Battlenads Royale

3  Garena Free Fire

4. Fortnite

5. Hopeless Land: Fight for survival




1. Call of Duty- This is such an addicting game after PUBG that you love to play on your mobiles or as well as on a Laptop. The game is fully energetic and full of thrill, action battle game after PUBG banned completely.

You can play multiplayer and enjoy this perfect battle grounded game with your opponent by using so many powers and characters inside this game. 

If you are looking to overcome PUBG then this Is the perfect alternate game to play in 2020.


Best 5 alternate of PUBG game to play in 2020.


·        Enjoy the multiplayer feature

·        Compatible to play in both android and ios platform.

·        Around 100 battle options




·       Smaller size than PUBG affects the background sometimes.



2. Battlelands Royale-   Are you searching a perfect alternate of PUBG that will helps you to survive as a warrior in the game and enjoy a lot. 

This is what you want or you can say this is a clone of PUBG game that is full of thrill and adventure to play.

There is only a  difference between PUBG & Batttlelands Royale is in this game you will have to make your characters and all characters are so cute and it offers a funny environment to play.


Best 5 alternate of PUBG game to play in 2020.


·        Mutliplayer feature

·       Fun and cute cartoon characters.

·        It offers a detailed map to play easily.




·       Animated effects in-game is not for hardcore lovers of shooting



3. Garena Free Fire- The best survival game to play after PUBG in this year. The game is full of action and with lots of struggles to be face to cross the way till the end.

The game if quick and it offers a big challenge for the shooting or survival lovers to be a part of this game atleast once in a life. 

You can make your team of 4 members to make a plan and deal with the opponent easily in a short time period.



Best 5 alternate of PUBG game to play in 2020.


·       Voice  chat available for making strategy

·       Around 49  player involved in this battle

·       Quite Good in graphics to play



·       Shortage of weapons are there



4.  Fortnite- This is also the best survival games to play this game has the ability to replace the game PUBG and takes his place on the market.

 Most of the users are willing to play these types of games in which they will have to face lots of opponents with some difficulty level to surpass.

This game is consist of 100 player battle and it's likely the same as PUBG.In this, you can create your own place to defend against the opponent. Try this game once and you forgot the PUBG game.


Best 5 alternate of PUBG game to play in 2020.


·       Mutliplayer features

·       High graphics play a major role.

·       Controls and gameplay is excellent



·       Compatible with  few devices



5. Hopeless Land: Fight for survival- This is another popular and similar game like PUBG and having lots of attractive features or movies to play inside the game. The game is having 121 players against you and you will have to surpass all of these to stand alone at the end to win this battle.

The game is full of guns and high weapons but you will have to use your surviving skills to finish the game.This game is all set to replace PUBG with its good gameplay and for its smooth performance since the game was launched.

                        Best 5 alternate of PUBG game to play in 2020.


·       Helicopters are there in between the battle for you.

·       Compatible with all android devices.

·       It’s Asian aesthetic environment is really impressive.




·       Cheat code doesn’t work there.


Now at the end, its time for wrapping up this post and I hope these games will give you more enjoy in future while playing and if you have any other game like PUBG, then feel free to share with us in the below comment box.

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