Best 11 online tools to know everything about a website

Best  11 online tools to  know everything about a website

There are so many websites are running but only the website owner has the permit to manage the backend part of a website. Sometimes we all have a doubt about a website that is good in looking or it is completely SEO based over Google. We all have so many queries related a website but most of us are not aware of the tools that tell the whole story about a website.


There are so many tools that are there to get full details about a website. By using all the tools personally I am sharing these top-level 11 tools that are useful to known.



Here are the Best 11 tools to know everything about a website. 


1. Semrush.comAre you looking to control your website keyword or to analyze the keywords used on the website by your competitor. This is one of the popular online tools to get your eye on other websites to increase your site performance. This is one of the best online tools to see your website layout or to check is your website is responsive in multiple devices like tablet, mobile or in different operating systems.


 3. In our website, we all have to use the SSL certificate for site protection or to make sure that your site is free from any unwanted spam or viruses. This tool is to verify your SSL certificate completely and helps to remove errors if any.


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 4. Who.isThis tool is used to get in touch with the website owner. If you want any contact no, address, or any information about an owner so you can take it out from here. But only popular domain sites database can fetch.


5. This is used to determine whether your website is accessible from other countries or not. In this there are several servers as per the country like China, India, Turkey to ping the site and it shows 100 % packet receive or loss.

If the ping is pass then your site is accessible in case of failure, it is not accessible from that particular region. Are you a blogger or running a site over google then your must be aware of the term Backlinks or interlink. This tool is used to check any broken link in your site that may decrease your site performance over Google search. You can also set a schedule for the future to check automatically if any broken link will found.


7. This tool provides a complete report of the IP address, DNS or the location of the website from where a user hosting his site.It maintain all the records of IP address that was changed in past also. This is very useful but only a few of the users are aware of this tool. You must try this to get a record of your DNS and IP.



8. To manage your website is  not a tough task for everyone but  to maintain its SEO to get your site over google and easily search by the users is a little tough. This tool is  really one of the great sites to get a full report of the website like how its socially active, SEO score, backlink checker etc.


9. tool was developed by Google to check the speed of your website to load over the mobile phones.It also compare your mobile speed score with others. This is a very popular and common tool for bloggers to analyze the website performance report, How much the website active or the rank over India or all over the world. It shows the majority of the keywords used by the users to search your website over Google. To check the age of a website is possible? How old the Domain is and what is the Domain score of the website. To check Domain authority score this is perfect for the blogger. The age of the domain describes the no of days existed by the Domain.


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