7 tips & tricks to make your wordpress website more secure.

7  tips & tricks to make your wordpress website more secure.

Are you running a website but you don’t have enough time to protect your website from unknown hackers. To run a website is an easy task with word press but the tough part is to maintain the website and its security level.

I have a few tips & tricks for you to make your WordPress website more secure and useful to run easily without having any kind of trouble.In WordPress there are so many plugins and tools are there to secure the site but is it true that they will protect your website every time.

This time I am going to share the 5 top tips that will make your website more powerful and secure.


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Here are the 5 Tips & tricks to make your WordPress website more secure.


1. By protecting your wp-config file from the hackers- In the website the wp-config contains all the crucial data about the website and this is the most important data for your website.You have to save this data to the root directory to make the data safe and secure so that no one breaches your security.


2. Always choose A Good hosting for your website-In a website the most precious part is the hosting and this is decide the quality of your website.

If you are using hosting of WordPress then it gives you more safety than other hosting sites are there like Blogspot(free of cost).

Good hosting for w website plays a major role in the speed, reliability , and security also.


3. Block irrelevant or spam comments- If you have a website and you are getting Good comments from another competitor so this is good for your website but if you also get some spam comments, then it may cause to the safety of your website.


Try to remove all spam comments from outside to enhance your safety level from the hackers to breach data of your website.


4. Keep your admin login credentials unique and strong- You all have login credentials for your backend panel to edit or doing any kind of changes to your website.

The hackers easily login this by hitting and trial methods by using some of the common usernames & passwords like admin, user, and so on. As per my suggestion try to use different passwords and don’t ever use by default password of your website for a long time.

Try to change your password in every month or always use number, symbols in your password that is quite tough to set for the hacker.


5. Always use SSL to secure data- You all have heard about SSL(secure socket layer) certificate is one of the top methods to secure your admin panel. It ensures a secure transfer of data between the server to your website.

Getting an SSL certificate is simple to get online. You can purchase or some sites are also giving you free of cost on a trial basis.




Man-How you know that your site is having SSL OR NOT.


Me: If your website is having https://techynavneet.xyz/ your site already have it and if they have only HTTP:// then your site not be fully protective.


6. Make sure that your site has a backup plan- Most people don't think about the backup at the time of emergency.

I always store a backup of all your data include your website so that it maybe upload back to the site whenever required.

To have a backup is always a good thing for all of us



7. To lockdown of the website- There is also a theme available for WordPress to protect the website from the hackers.

 If a hacker is continuously trying to unlock the website by entering the wrong password, then after a few attempts your site will auto-locked.

This feature is very effective and useful to secure your website by just adding these types of protecting themes.




In the end, now its time for wrapping up, thanks for being here to spend your valuable time with me. If you have any queries or suggestions then feel free to share in the below comment box.



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