Top 5 voice changer apps for android in 2020


Top 5 voice changer apps for android in 2020.


Hello, world, In this tech world, There are millions of voice changer apps are there for android to use and to have fun. But It is quite difficult to choose which is better and free to change the voice and shock everyone with a new voice.

 In this topic, I would love to share the Top 5 voice changer apps that have to install in your android device. You always heard about the voice changer apps in android from your friends.

These days these types of apps are in trend to make prank with others by changing their voice and convert it into another comedy voice or adding many effects.


Here I discussed the Top 5 voice changer apps for android to use in 2020.


      1.     Voice Changer with effects- This is one of the popular and recommended voice changer app to install for making prank with your friends.If you want o make fun with someone by changing your voice then this is the best app to record a new voice to give them a surprise.

Top 5 voice changer apps for android in 2020


       ·  Free to download and simple to change your voice.

       ·  There are around 50 advance effects to make a unique voice.

       ·  You can record your voice and share it with your friends at the same time.

       ·   You can also set your change voice to your mobile caller tune to make a prank.


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2. Fake Call- Are you ready to have fun with your mobile by make call to your number with any name set by you and after receiving the call.

You can also set the voice that you want to listen to or to prank with others who are near you. This is the best ever used the app to make an incoming call to your number with an unknown number to make a prank to others easily.

Top 5 voice changer apps for android in 2020


       · You can make fool to anyone by scheduling a prank call from the police or someone by enable their name with a mobile number or a photo.

      ·  To receive a call from an unknown number and show to others at the same time to make them surprise.

     ·  Simple and free to download, Try once to make a prank.

     · Record someone's voice that you like to hear when you take the call.

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3. Magic Call- As it name signifies its feature “Magic” yes this is a type of magic app that used in android to change the voice and make a prank to others. In this app, you can change the voice during the call and this is the best part of this app. You can select the male/female options that you want to convert your voice.

Top 5 voice changer apps for android in 2020


      ·   It provides multiple voice changing effects.

      ·   Simple and useful to make fun sometimes.

      ·   Lots of effects available in background during the call like heavy rain stuck in traffic, and so on.

      · Refer to friends also to get a bonus on every single registration.

      ·   You have to purchase some credit after a free trial to continue enjoying this voice changer app.

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4.  Fun Calls- This is also a very popular and top voice changer apps for android users to make fun with others. By making calls from using this app and shock them with your new voice that they never heard before.

You can call all over the world and make prank with anyone using this app. This app is also supported in Iphones and this is the best thing for all the users to download and try changing the voice now.


      ·   Change the voice during the call.

      ·    It provides lots of sound effects like animals, peoples, and so on.

      ·  Call with a different name and with a unique number.

      ·    Friendly and easy to manage things over this app.

      ·   Free to download and also share your voice with others on Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

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5. Voice Changer-  This is a famous app for changing your voice by adding various sound effects to make fun. To make the voice change in these days is very simple and easy using these kinds of apps available free of cost over play store.

If you want some entertainment and give others a shock with your voice, then you must download and try changing the voice once.

Top 5 voice changer apps for android in 2020


       ·  Lots of interesting sound effects are there to add.

       ·   Simple and free to use.

       ·    After converting your voice, you can share too with others.     

       ·    Best app for voice changer with so many effects used and make a new voice instantly.

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In the end, thanks for reading this post and I hope you all enjoy it after reading.If you have any queries and suggestions regarding this topic or anything that you want to share so pls share in below comment box.


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