Top 35 killer tips to boost your Google adsense revenue.

Top 35 killer tips to boost your Google adsense revenue.



Hey folks, Are u ready to earn money from Google Adsense. In this post, I am going to share with you the top 35 killer tips to boost your Google AdSense revenue very easily.

Most of the bloggers are trying their best for Google Adsense but after so many attempts they were failed. To approve your site over Google Adsense is a tough task for the beginners.

There are a few term & conditions required to approve Google AdSense and if your will follow those tips, and then your site might be approved within a month.


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Here i am going to tell your the Top 35 tips to boost your Google AdSense Revenue.


     1.     Write post daily for getting more revenue share


     2.     Monitor the size and place of ads to display over your site.


     3.     Try to use ads and images at the same place looks perfect.


     4.     Focus on the keyword and keep your focus used as much in your blog post.


     5.     Choose Multiple banners ads on your site for better earning.


     6.     First try to index your site over Google search for the viewers to view easily and hit ads on your site.


     7.     You can go for the Adwords tool to boost up your revenue.


     8.  Place your ads on the top in short articles.


     9.     Place your ads in the middle or sidebar for long articles.


     10.    Make sure that your ads are clearly visible on the site.


     11.   Use interlinks in the post for long term stay in your site.


     12.     Use the Google Adwords tool and promote as you can for hitting impressions over your site.


     13.  Don't even think to hit your ads frequently on the same IP address or try to over smart. These things might be affecting your AdSense earning too.


     14.   Don’t use the border outside the ads.


     15.    Make sure your ads are placed in the sidebar and below the post.


     16.  You must rigidly follow Google Adsense policy and don’t dare to do any mistake, otherwise your Adsense account may block.


     17. Try to experiment with your ads on your site by changing ads location as per blog theme.


    18.  You should focus on related content ads on your site.


    19.   Use email marketing for boost up the revenue


     20.   Design your site SEO friendly and its page loading time must be minimized.


     21.  Focus on image and text ads both on the same page to boost revenue.    


     22.  Create quality content so that visitor will have to visit again & again to hit your site and it improves your ads earning too.


     23.  To find the right keyword for your site is always a useful task for anyone.


     24.   You can install the plugin also for better placement of the ads over your site.


     25.   Must use images in your blog to get the visitor to attract to the site and hit on the ads.


     26.   Use at least 4 ads on a page in a proper manner and in the perfect size.


     27.  Don’t overlap your ads into another.


     28.   Always use Google Adsense on priority and don’t use secondary sites with Adsense on the same website.


     29.   Don’t open your site much and avoid seeing the ads or clicking.


     30.      Promote your site over social media for engaged visitors and getting impressions from there.


     31.   Submit your sitemap, so that Google will easily find you over the search.


     32.  You should properly use the AdWords tool and select the targeted country for promoting the site.


     33.   Do comment on other the site with a Good Domain authority.


     34. Submit your site to free search engines for increasing traffic and then your impressions will automatically increase.


     35.  Try to set the ads properly and don’t try to modify the layout much otherwise it will slow down the revenue rate.


Well that’s enough but let me know you about the 2 extra tips.


    36.   Monitor your ads format on weekly basis and set those ads who give more revenue.


    37.   Try to get traffic more towards your site for getting many impressions and clicks.



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In the end, thanks for being here to spent your valuable time by reading this psot,I hope these will profitable for all of you who ae using adsense and want to explore their revenue.

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