11 Quick Tips for How to Index Your Site On Google.

11 Quick Tips for How to Index Your Site On Google.


11 Quick Tips for How to Index Your Site On Google.



11 Quick Tips for How to Index Your Site On Google.

Hello internet  today I am going to share the top 11 quick tips to index your site on Google. In this blogging line, there are so many bloggers who are writing on a daily basis. But most of them are frustrated and want to get their site over Google.

As I said, Blogging is not a tough task but its hard to get your site index over Google. To index your site over Google is always a major problem for all bloggers.

In blogging line Many of the bloggers generally ask that “why only a few of my posts are index over Google “. This is a very common query for all bloggers.


What is indexing and its benefits?


This is a Google algorithm to check whether the site is crawled by Google or not. In other words, Indexing is a process of adding the web page of your site over Google search.

In this world, there are millions of bloggers are used to write a blog and try to index their site over Google.

Its benefits are

      ·  Easy to find blogs over Google search

      ·   Create the traffic towards the blog

      ·    Affect SEO factor

     ·    Rank over Google improve

     ·    Sitemap features affect SEO.


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What is SEO how it’s useful?



Most of us are doing all the efforts while writing our post for Google indexing. To see your site is an index on Google search or not? We can use a URL inspection tool over Google search console.


How to check whether your blog post is indexed on Google or not.



To check whether your site post is an index over Google search engine or not. We can go for a tool URL inspection.To start this you have to first open an account in Google search console from your mail-id.

Now after login successfully to Google search console, You will have so many benefits to use.

·         To check clicks on your site

·         Now you will find an option of Performance where you will see all your past records of impressions and click by the visitors on your site post.


11 Quick Tips for How to Index Your Site On Google.

·         Now the 3rd and the useful step to check your post URL is either index or not.

·         To check you should simply copy the URL from your site and paste it over and wait, till it responds.

11 Quick Tips for How to Index Your Site On Google.

·         Now after hitting enter it takes time and show the results either URL is on google or not.


11 Quick Tips for How to Index Your Site On Google.

·         In case It displays a message of Not index, then no need to worry and try to fix it out by pressing request indexing and then it definitely indexed on Google.


11 Quick tips to index your site on Google.


      1.   Quality content – Every blogger is supposed to be a Good writer but the important thing is how good the content is written by him. In blogging line content is the king or a key factor to attract the audience to read your post and spent some time on your blog. Its all depends on the content try to write quality content instead of writing long articles. This will helps your post to index easily on Google.

      2.   High quality image & proper optimization-  In blogging field  The proper  optimization of images and compression also affects the SEO and indexing. Most of the blogger make a mistake of using bad quality images without compression. By using small size and quality images your blog should be attractive and easy to understand for the visitors.


      3. Sharing is caring – The main part of indexing your site is sharing, You are writing constituent with full energy But if you forgot to share the post  to social sites like Facebook,Instagram etc for promote your site.You should create pages to promote the site and post every single post to get views from visitors.


      4.   Do  Interlink and Backlink- If you want to get more traffic and low bounce rate in your site. The most important activity to get index your site is creating backlink as much as you can.In blogging if you received a decent traffic without having so much backlink, then it may affects your site rank or SEO. By making interlink is also  good for the blog to reduce bounce rate and also helps in indexing and crawling the site over Google.


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      5.  Pinging trick- In WordPress there is a feature of itself pinging your site pages regularly and that helps to get the page over Google search. To get their post and all pages on Google you must need to index or promote their site in case of the blogger but in WordPress they automatically ping all the pages and post himself to index on Google.


     6.   Include Sitemap- To make a sitemap is easy and useful for the bloggers to index their sit. It makes a sitemap for the re URL in your page to assist the visitor with understanding the blog niche. By adding a sitemap to the site helps the to find the content easily on the blog.


      7.   Submit sites in free directories- There are lots of free directories are present over Google for submission of your blog post URL.You can submit article and post URL for the visitors to read your blogs from that directories.


      8. Write a long post-In blogging the content plays a key role as I said above and you make sure that your post contain around 1000 words. Google index long post articles easily in compare of shorter length post.Try to maintain the quality and length also to improve rank in Google search index.


      9. Remove broken links if any - You should take care  of your links created inside or outside the blog. Is it correctly linked or any broken link is not there. Otherwise Google will not index your post with nay broken link in it. It will affect the Rank as well as the site SEO.


     10. Try to maintain consistency of writing blogs-Most of is very well known about Google policy of indexing. Try to make the habit of writing on daily basis. If you are new in blogging then you should post around 3 to 4  post in a week at starting phase. As per Google when you writing post on a proper schedule with no delay, then it index your site easily without any failure.


     11.   Use alt and meta description in image- While using image in the blog, most of the user forgot to edit alt txt and meta description  for  image.But let me tell you one thing if you don’t add alt and meta description in the image settings, then it is harder for Google to index your image  with the relevant post .Always focus on using alt and meta description to get index easily over Google search.


In the end, thanks for reading this post and spent your valuable time with me and if you query or suggestion, then feel free to share in the below comment box.




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