A beginner’s guide for study online with Google Classroom in 2020.


A beginner’s guide for study online with Google Classroom in 2020.


A beginner’s guide for study online with Google Classroom in 2020.

Hii, everyone today I would love to share one of the fantastic feature of google that makes the study easy for the kids during these days of COVID 19 pandemic.We all know your kids are studying from homes due to the COVID 19 cause. Most of the parents are not even know how there kids are studying or are there any kind of problems faced by their kids when he studies online?


 These days Kids have always had an issue while study online because of their net connectivity or due to live sessions from the teacher and it’s not possible for every kid to get in touch with the topic at the same time during the online session.

Most of the kids pretend that we unable to understand what the teacher said and lots of things are not in favor of the kids that make him comfortable with online study. But this time Google once again has its Classroom feature of online study and giving their assignment to protect their kids from any type of harm during this days.

Google just started their service free of cost and the main intention of Google himself is to make digital India and to get learning easy for the kids to learn online with the help of Google Classroom.


Why to use Google classroom for online study?

      1.     Easy to make an account through Gmail

     2.   Free of cost

     3.  Reliable service because of Google.  

    4.   It provides more than 10 languages that comfort all the teachers.

    5.     Time-saving process

    6  Good to know about the things related to Google for kids.


How to start Google classroom and join the assignment provides by the teacher?



To start Google classroom and join your class is just simple as you study in school. You have to follow some steps to create and join your class and submit your assignment too on time.


      1.     First, you need to type Google classroom on Google and hit enter.

A beginner’s guide for study online with Google Classroom in 2020.

      2.  Then you will see Google classroom and you need to move forward by clicking on it.

      3.     Now you will have to log in with your Gmail account.

      4.  Finally after login successfully you will see a + option in the right bottom of that page.

A beginner’s guide for study online with Google Classroom in 2020.

      5.     Here you find two options to join or create a class.

      6.     You have to join a class if your kids want to study and to complete their assignment given by the teacher.

      7.     Now they ask a code given by the teacher and then move forward towards the classroom.

      8.   Now you will see assignment with chapter wise as given by your teacher.

     9.     Now you will have to do the homework and then take a scan of that homework done by your kids in the notebook. 

    10.    You will have to use an app scanner app that is free to download from the play store.

1  11.    Then finally your need to upload that homework on the Google drive of that particular classroom of your kid that was provided by the teacher.

The menu features also available for the parents to see their child progress or to track their work activity. It includes a few features that are mention below


1.     You can view dew dates using calendar menu.

2.     Navigate the class

3.     Review your child work report

4.     In settings you can change profile picture ,login passwords etc


Note#  There are some alternate of google classroom also available over the internet.

1.     Blackboard learn

2.     Schoology

3.     Canvas

4.     Brightspace



At the ends, thanks for reading this post and if you have any query related this, then you can ask me anytime in the below comment box



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