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What is Affiliate market & its benefits?

What is  Affiliate market & its benefits?


What is Affiliate market & its benefits?

Hey folks, Are u ever heard that name “Affiliate marketing” before  and how it is so much in trend these days especially for the bloggers who are promoting their blogs and try to get paid by affiliated products.

Affiliate marketing is a very well platform where you have the chance to get in touch with the customers by selling him products that he wants to buy through your affiliate link. There are lots of sites are there over the web who are willing to pay you money by just help them to sell their products to the visitors who supposed to be engaged in your site and think to buy something by your affiliate link.

You can easily make money by just understanding this term deeply and try to implement in your daily life and then you realize it is not as much difficult then you always thought to learn affiliate marketing.


What is the need to get through this marketing strategy used in Affiliate market.


1.      To get over through your passion to start making money without having any extra certificate or degree.

2.      If you want to make money then you need to work hard at least in the beginning period, otherwise, you haven’t got success in this.

3.      Well you also got a decent affiliate commission on every single purchase by your link.


Steps to be taken to start Affiliate marketing in a simple manner.


There is no need to take panic or any kind of stress-related this topic, It's just a simple process of making commissions from the products that has been purchased by the visitors by your particular affiliate link that was generated by you followed by your specific ID.

Here we shall discuss these few steps to understand clearly  that how we can start making money from using Affiliate marketing that is in demand.


1. Simply you will have to start a blog and try to write as much about the products that you want to sell.

2. Drive the traffic towards your blog or we can say you will have to learn how anyone can promote your blog.

3. You should promote your products by starting a youtube channel that relates the video to the products that you want to sell out.

4. Be aware on social sites every time and keep sharing your affiliate links in groups and this may lead to your business as well.

5. To start a podcast is also a good deal for promoting products.



How can I generate my affiliate code and where we will place it in the site?

This is also a common questions for all the audience that how we can start it and how to use it for making money, so here I will explain to you deeply by taking an example of my affiliate account and how can I suppose to do to get paid for these products.

·         Firstly after creating a blog or website you need to focus on the traffic coming on your blog.

You must read this- How to get traffic to your blog.

·         Now you have your blog with decent traffic then you must be clear that for whom you will start your work.

There are lots of affiliate sites are there in India who ready to give you a commission but In my opinion, 2 of them are in trend and trustable too.

1.      Amazon Associates

2.      Flipkart Affiliate

Both of them are providing you a decent profit in all the purchases as well the impressions by the visitors to your products or banner placed on the site.


Now I would like to tell you the marketing scenario of Flipcart Affiliate by taking an example that clear all your doubts.


·         Signup in the Flipkart Affiliate and then you must be login with those credentials.

What is Affiliate market & its benefits?

·         Now you will see different types of categories of products as per your marketing strategy.




What is Affiliate market & its benefits?

·         To generate code first you have to choose the product


What is Affiliate market & its benefits?

·         Now you have to just choose what type of banner or link you have to generate and placed on the blog layout as a widget.


What is Affiliate market & its benefits?

·         Then finally after checking all the options click ok and then forward towards the final step to generate the affiliate link


What is Affiliate market & its benefits?

·         Now code is ready to place everywhere where the audience demand is high.



What is Affiliate market & its benefits?

·         On landing to the blogger's layout section you will find a gadget option and then you have to place this code in the HTML/CSS section and then hit ok.

What is Affiliate market & its benefits?

·         Now your affiliate link is ready in your blog home page to display to the audience and get attract the visitors towards the products.




What is Affiliate market & its benefits?

·         Finally, you placed the banner of your product on your site to get a commission with every purchase or the impressions or click by the visitors.


Some common and useful features of affiliate marketing are as follows:


1.    Payment modes are different as per the affiliate programs.

 Example-Wire transfers, by check, PayPal, and so on.

2.    Affiliate members are those who promote their links for sale.

3.    Every user has its own specific affiliate link id that helps to track your process in affiliate commission.

4.    When we generate affiliate links so its URL is not so much impressive and found lengthy too, so you must use some URL shortener like to make the link readable by the visitors.

5.    The percentage criteria in this platform is different as per the policy of the affiliate program and the products.

    6. Some of the companies allow you to create coupons to attract the visitors and it helps in monitoring sales production also.



At the end, thanks to spending your precious time getting engaged with this post and hope this will helps you to start the affiliate marketing without any failure. If you have any suggestions related this post so feel free to share in below comment box


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