Say Goodbye to physical SIM card and enjoy Vodafone ESIM.

Say Goodbye to physical SIM card and enjoy Vodafone ESIM.


Say Goodbye to physical SIM card and enjoy Vodafone ESIM.

Is it really true to use our mobile phones without having any SIM card inside , so we all say NO but this time Vodafone has launched its ESIM card for the users.Since today technology has done so many changes as per the need of the customers.

In this digital world, we already saw so many changes in the SIM card since we born we have so many types of SIM card available as per the mobile specifications and the compatibility towards mobile.


Types of SIM Cards are as follows:

1.       Regular size

2.       Micro SIM

3.       NANO SIM

And now the fourth option is ESIM  is available in the market.This is the first time when any Telecom operator launched its SIM in this manner. Since few days We heard thet these services will also applicable for apple smart watches that can totally change the way of using our SIM cards and its functions as well.


Is this Esim is really available somewhere?

Yes, it is available now  for only postpaid plans and this is the starting level, so this facility is available for only 3 cities at present is Mumbai, Delhi and finally Gujrat.

As per suggestions ,if you are living in any of these states so you must visit the store and get this ESIM as fast as you can get it from the store.Those who are not lives near these states then pls wait till he reached to all the cities as per demand.

Vodafone idea eSIM is compatible with?

  1.      It compatible with apple smart watches
  2.     iPhone 11 all series are able to enjoy this facility.
  3.     As confirmed by Vodafone that may start the service for Samsung also in the next few months.
  4.     All customers of Vodafone that having postpaid plans can avail of this sim and enjoy its benefits.


How to activate this e SIM in your mobile?

The existing customers of Vodafone postpaid can avail this service by following below steps carefully.

1.    Firstly you have to type “eSIM email id” to the number 199 from your registered Vodafone SIM.

2.    Then if your email id is registered with that SIM , so you will shortly receive an SMS from the service provider.In some case email id is not registered then no need to worry, you have to just send “email id” to 199 to get linked your id and then follow the procedure.

3.    Once you will get confirmation, you have to reply back with “ESIMY” to confirm your request.

4.    Now you will again receive a SMS and the service provider will offer you a call of one of his customer support to clear your doubts (If any).

5.    Then you will finally receive an email id with a QR code to scan to connect with your device using mobile data or wifi.

6.    Now Go to settings option and there you will have to add  data plan in mobile data option.

7.    Then you need to scan OR code as already received by email from your service provider.

8.    Now by doing few formalities, you will automatically activate for eSIM service.




Now the thing is how the new Vodafone customers will get this feature. The new customers  can also avail this service by visiting their nearest Vodafone service centre and don’t forgot to carry identify proof with a photograph to get an eSIM connections.

The one last thing is always carry your device with your at the time of activation for fast processing of scanning the QR code.Be carful while scanning OR code  because the OR code is valid for single time scan. By mistake you made a error in scan so you will have to sent again SMS to 199 for another QR code.


Hope you like this information and get curious to get this Esim and specially those who already using Vodafone SIM. But we will have to wait till the services come in all states and those are living in those 3 states that are mention above who are lucky now to get their Esim on priority.


At the end, thanks for reading this post and if you have any other suggestions or advice that your want to tell the users, then feel free to share your valuable thoughts with us in the below comment box.

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