How to start a Podcast –A complete step by step guide.

How to start a Podcast –A complete step by step guide.


How to start a Podcast –A complete step by step guide.

Hii, everyone Today I would like to explain a very impressive and helpful topic that is “Podcast” and how to start a podcast to grow your business with a high rate of success by just record your voice. Since so many years Podcast is in huge trend and can u imagine or think about starting your Podcast?


Content to be discussed

  1.  What is a Podcast?
  2.  History of Podcast
  3.  Benefits of using podcasts.
  4.  Type of Podcast.
  5.  Equipment required for this.
  6.  How to start a Podcast today.


     1 What is a Podcast?


A Podcast is a type of broadcasting of Audio over the web. As per the generation frankly speaking that most of the visitors are love to watch and listen rather than to read the deep and boring content.

Are you a blogger and you want to spread your business to all over the world then you must use once to grow your audience and it also improves your communication skills.

This is high in demand for all and as much as the visitors listen to your voice over this it directly increases your business and audience. In a simple manner, this is your mind thought that you want to spread to the audience over the web.

     2    History of Podcast.

In early 2000, As per the epic research of “Edison” he said the around 42 millions of people  listen to the Podcast on a daily basis in the year of 2017. This going to be increasing as per the populations increases over the year.

For business makers This is going to be a very impressive and money-making strategy to attract the attention of the visitors who love to listen to Podcast on daily or weekly basis as per its related niche.


   3    Benefits of Podcast


1.      It improves your communication skills.

2.      It helps to grow your business at its peak.

3.      Easy to record and share with others who love to listen.

4.      Time-saving process, no need to waste hours in writing.

5.      Trending and very impressive these days.


4 Types of Podcast


1.      The interview Podcast: As it name simplifies its features “Interview”, Yes you can use it for taking someone interview over podcast by just asking him a few questions of your topic.It doesn’t need any staff members  to perform this activity,


You just need one or two host maximum and a guest who is giving this interview. The Guest only sit calm and the host is ready to take an interview by just having few questions on the paper to ask with the Guest.

For example- You are in between an interview and you are the host to take part in an interview to ask questions to the guest.


This is a popular and simple task and you need to focus on it and just asking questions to the guest with full confident and the much you are  taking interest in this show, Your audience will totally depend on the interview that how you take it or the way to ask?



2 The solo Podcast- Are you want to use the podcast for growing your business in a short time period by just recording your voice and share with everyone who really need it. This is a simple and easy to control Podcast in which you only need a single person to share your thoughts, news, and anything that you want to describe over Podcast.

For example- If you are an anchor in FM so this is a kind of Solo Podcast, where you are the one who speaks and the whole population, will listen to you.



3  The Multi-Host Podcast: In this type of Podcast there are two hosts are hosting in front of the guest. This kind of Podcast will be useful when you are having a partner and you both are interested to take an interview with the guest together. Its very interesting and attractive for the users because in this conversation is going on from both sides and it becomes fantastic to listen to the talks while using headphones.

 For example A comedy show host by two partners is a type of Multi-Host Podcast.


       5  Equipment required for this- Can u imagine starting a Podcast but you thought it requires costly equipment and you are not able to do it. These days to start a Podcast is not so much complicated than earlier. It requires a few types of equipment to start quickly. Here are a few items listed below that will much need to start a Podcast at your home.


How to start a Podcast –A complete step by step guide.

·       A Mike

·       A Headphone

·       A quite place to capture the voice

·       Voice editor software 

·       A perfect voice to attract users.


   How to start a Podcast today- To start Podcast or we can say to host a Podcast is the same thing. You can’t even know that thousand of Podcast is hitting every day over the web for the users or the businessmen for promoting their business.

 Are you ready to host your business but before start let me know you that you have to remind these things carefully in your mind and all are well managed otherwise you could not start a Podcast over the internet and make your voice viral.

1. Choose your Niche- The most important and crucial step is to find out the relevant niche related to your speech or you’re supposed to speak up on that particular topic. Firstly You have to decide what is to be present by you and is it really like by the listeners who are ready to listen the Podcast on a daily basis.

2.  Preview of your format- Once your thought that you have to say something about that particular format but after that, the audience would love to have a short preview or a warm welcome for the guest by you, and it could be a major factor to attract the audience towards you. You have to set up your microphone and  try to introduce our guest or focus to maintain the consistency related to your speech and always be friendly with the audience and don’t ever dare to feel bore or something that are not useful for them.

3. Set all things perfectly- You are using a mike and you think that enough for you to start a Podcast, so this is absolutely wrong. If we have to make a better show, then it must be a perfect show. Now the show is live and you are ready to ask questions if you want or you also share your experience and any type of news. It depends on the type of Podcast that you want to make.

Try to maintain these things if you really want to get success through podcasts.

  1.  Try to publish your podcast on Tuesday or Wednesday and on an early morning so that all the listeners are ready to start his morning by just listening to a perfect The podcast that makes his morning better than yesterday.
  2. Maintain the consistency or promoting episode and whatever your content is to be shared over the web through Podcast is at least once a week
  3.  The ideal length of every Podcast is about 22 minutes and it is quite less and easy to maintain.



Now you have successfully created a Podcast and now its time to submit your Podcast or share on various social networking sites to promote your facebook, Instagram and so on.

For the submission, you can go for iTunes, Google Podcasts

Once you have to submit your Podcast to these sites and in future whenever you are making your Podcast next season then it automatically submit over this.


At the end, thanks for reading this post and I suggest you to start your Podcast now and spread your voice over the millions of hearts and this is the best method to boost up your business. If you have any query reply to the comment box.













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