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7 best screen recording apps for android mobile.

 7 best screen recording apps for android mobile.

 7 best screen recording apps for android mobile

Hey folks, We all have android phone in our pocket and our generation is using this service on daily basis for any kind of work. Sometimes you have to capture or record anything from your phone that is important to you or someone else.

In this article we will discuss on that topic that may help you to capture or record the activity while using your phone. These days most of our youngsters are having an account on YouTube or other social sites where they will upload their homemade video and making money from it.

There are so many new technologies has been developing over the year. If you want to record the activity  that was done by you in your android phone, then you must use these best screen recording app to capture the activity that was done by you.

There are so many apps are available over the internet but some of them are useful and reliable and i suggest you try all of these screen recording apps that change your life and carrier by creating excellent videos that are full of features.


Let's take a look into these 7 best apps for screen recording over android mobile.

  1. MobizenScreen Recorder- This is one of the common and useful app for android to capture the activity of your mobile and as per your requirement, you will do some editing also to make decorative and simple to understand by anyone.

Its features to remember-

  • Downloaded over 100+ million users over the world.
  • Support high quality capturing of your activity.
  • You can for editing once you record the session.
  • Quick response time and easy to manage.
  • Free to use

 2.  Camtasia- This is also a powerful tool to record videos for your official and unofficial kind of work. This is used on Windows and Mac and these tools are often used by the tutors to teach online by making the videos related to the topic that he wants to teach.

Its features to remember-

  • It records your screen for making a better presentation.
  • You can edit as per your need.
  • You can add music and extra eye-catching features.
  • It's free to use.
  • You can create a small puzzle type quiz also.


3.  Captivate- This is also a video maker with perfect features that attract anyone to watch. You can create videos by capturing a screenshot from your mobile screen and make a video by adding extra effects like audio, brightness and so many options are there.

Its features to remember-

  • It saves video in mp4 format.
  • It automatically captures the data from any type of screen on mobile.
  • It offers a quick video making a feature for publishing videos over the internet.
  • It's free and simple to use.
  • You can also create videos by taking content from Photoshop also.


4. ScreenFlow- This is a video maker for adding extra features to a normal vide and most of the professions are using this to make their live videos. You can edit or completely transform your video into a new look.

7 best screen recording apps for android phone

Its features to remember-

  • It records your iPhone screen activities.
  • By using this you can create attractive titles to your video.
  • You can also use this site to create an animated GIF for sharing over social sites.
  • It really helps YouTubers to create a decent video to share over the web.
  • It's free and used by millions of users to create videos.


5. AZ screenrecorder- Are you heard about this before?  This is very useful for us to make videos by capturing the screenshot or whatever you want to have in your video is provided in this app.


Its features to remember-

  • It creates quality videos as per the user requirement.
  • You can edit also once the video prepared and ready to publish.
  • You can set a speed limit that varies from 1x to 3x.
  • You can stop the video by just shaking the mobile.
  • It's free and very beneficial for the learners.


6. TinyTake- You can use this app over windows and on Mac to capture the images and turn to a video that will more stylish and interesting to see by the users, Most of us are ready to watch vides instead of seeing images or reading text. It allows you to create videos by adding an advance feature that changes the look of  old videos and make them a fresh new video.

Its features to remember-

  • Create videos quickly and shared on a cloud for saving storage of your mobile.
  • Its provides Zoom in or Zoom out the feature that enhances the beauty of any video.
  • It's free and easy to create videos by just a single click.
  • It helps users to make video and after that it creates a link to share with others also.
  • You can create a shortcut key in the video also to make professional.


7. FlashBackPro- This is also one of the best tools for recording the activities performed by the user and also add sounds and make attractive to watch. It allows you to share the video over the internet in any type of format as per the user's requirement.


Its features to remember-

  • It allows you to record video and upload over the network.
  • You can add some extra sound effect and so many options.
  • It's easy to manage and create videos quickly.
  • You can also add images and any type of special note in the video to look like a professional video.
  • It allows you to add annotations.


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Here is the end of this post, hope you really love it and if you have any query or suggestion related to that topic, then feel free to share your valuable opinion in the comment box.






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