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What is Google alert and how it works to monitor your website.

What is Google alert and how it works to monitor your website.

What is Google alert and how it works to monitor your website.

Have you ever thought that if it is possible to get new ideas of writing a blog on your email and if this happens then it will great for all the bloggers to save their time to find out the content that he would like to explore and start writing a post on that particular topic. This is a web monitoring tool for the users.

Google have a service to alert or a type of reminder of topics that is related to your blogging, In simple terms Google has its own service “Google alert”. In this service they offered the alert alarm for beginners to monitor the website help you to find out the relevant data that has been searched on Google by someone.

Let us take an example to better understanding this.

Suppose you want to get alert from Google about the word “Technology” then Google alert is a type of extreme service that mails you regarding this topic or particular keyword whenever the user hit that word “Technology” in Google. It shows all the data like news,blogs,article  and you can filter too as per your requirement and capacity to read all the alerts comes to your mail directly.
This is very essential in blogging line, otherwise your half of the time is spent to select a topic to write and explore the topic as much as can.

How to set up Google alert services?

If you want to monitor the content search over web by the users all over the world, then you must have to use Google alert. You can monitor content easily by following these basic steps for setup an account for Google alert.

1  You have to simply type Google alert on Google search and then you found the url

2  After hitting enters you will reach to the website of Google alert, now you can enter the topic for getting search results from Google.

3  Now you just enter the keyword that you need from web search and you have see the show options, then click on it for more features of this services.

4 You can choose the time slot,source,languages and many more options.

5 Finally click on create alert and that’s the work has been done and you will receive alerts from the same day on your registered mail id.

This is the process to set up Google alert for your business and we can say to get information regarding trending topics that will be search over the web by users in a whole day. From a blogger point of view this is a best tool for business analysis and to monitor the every single activity related your blog comments, backlinks and many more.

Is we really need Google alert and why we should use this?

As a new blogger this is the best and useful platform for finding relevant keywords for the blog as per its niche. Its also helpful to save the time for new bloggers who are spent their time to think the topic that he want to write in a blog. We really need this alert service for growing our blogging and business.You must go through to some basic steps for understanding the benefits of these Google alert services and how it may helps you to monitor the content search over web.

Note Content is the king in blogging so if you want to be the king in blogging then you must update your blog with trending topics

Let’s take a look by reading some essentials benefits of this Google alert.

1.       Get trending news: In blogging field, we all are facing the tough task to get a topic to write that are in trending. By using this you can keep in touch with the trending news that is helpful for your blog.If you want to get up to date with the trending topics so you must set up an alert for getting updates timely on your mail.

2.       Use as backlink tracker:   In blogging backlinks play a crucial role for promoting your blog and getting traffic to your blog. While using Google alert you can easily track that how many times your blog url is appeared on Google search all over the world, so it notified to through mail.It means you will get all the information that your blog url is linked with how many websites and by this you can track your url backlink and se that the backlink is useful to you or not.

       3   Use for Guest posting:  You heard that In blogging it is a tough point to improve the rank of your blog and to promote your blog, guest posting is must and for this Google this time offer a tool to monitor the search results: Guest posting”. Whenever someone searches through Google, then it automatically comes in any niche of blog.

      4   To checking index of your blog:  The main task for any blogger is to index his post on Google search results to get organic traffic. If you want to see that your every single post is indexed by Google or not, so you must go for this service. You have to create an alert with name of your blog and then it reverts back to you with the search results of your blog. Now you will see that how many posts is indexed by Google or not.

   5   To get the best results : At business purpose, this is also useful to analyze the trending news related the products. In this you don’t need to search over Google a single topic and your time also saved by getting multiple results. It is happens sometimes when inspite of wasting time on search, we didn’t found any relevant topic.

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So here is the end, thanks for reading this post and if you have any query related this so feel free to share your opinion on the below comment box.

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