How to improve domain authority –Top 7 tips to boost up your website domain.

How to improve domain authority –Top 7 tips to boost up your website domain.

How to improve domain authority –Top 7 tips to boost up your website domain.

Hey folks, In blogging we all have only 1 thing in mind that our website grows well and we will get traffic to our website/blog. There are so many factors followed by Google to check whether this website/blog suppose to be in the search results or not. Here we also discuss the important thing“DOMAIN AUTHORITY”. 

Most of the users don’t remind to boost up their DA (Domain authority) but if your DA is well scored by Google than your website automatically gets traffic a lot.

In simple words, we can say that the domain authority of any website is directly proportional to the  real traffic that the particular website gets.


As we already discussed a little about Domain authority, basically, this is the authority of the domain of your website/blog.
You can calculate Domain authority by using the MOZ tool. The DA of any website can be measured in a score that may vary from 1-100 depends on its website or how he is managing the website.

1.       1-20  Try to work harder
2.       20-40 almost are in average position
3.       40-60 Job done and you are in a good position
4.       60 -100 No improvement needed(a perfect score)

How MOZ analyze and calculates the figure?

There are so many factors to calculate DA of any website and MOZ is considered  all factors and I will present a few of them which are important for any blogger.

      Internal & external backlinks
In a blog you have to make quality backlinks that helps to attract users to view your blog, so this is is the factor that how many and which type of backlinks are there in a blog. Try to make quality backlink more so our score will go above an average of 3 from 10.

      Content is the king

 If you are a blogger then you must focus on the content before posting it because the content is the real king in blogging and if you don’t have quality content then you should quit blogging, there is no need for creating images that your blog will attract users and you become a great blogger.
It also sees the content and after analyzing the content and then score the marks that directly affect to the Domain authority of your blog/website.

      Friendly to use

       To get good DA value, you should make your website be friendly and easy to scroll and pages must be easily opened by a single click and the theme must be SEO friendly If your website is friendly and simple to get what you had shared in it, so it's quite enough to get the traffic and to get back the visitor in the future whenever it required some data that is relevant to your blog.

       Now we learned how MOZ calculate the DA by retrieving data by monitoring some factors that are mention above.

How to improve your domain authority?

1A decent Domain name:  The main and basic part of blogging are a domain name and the Domain authority mainly depends on the domain name. There are so many domains name are available over the web to start blogging, but you should focus on your blog niche and select the best domain name that suits you perfectly.

2. Try to focus on links: Most of the bloggers are busy in blogging and to improve its blog by doing so many things like quality content, SEO friendly images, social bookmarking, etc. But you forgot to use interlinks in your blog as much as you create links then your Domain the authority will always going to be in a good position.

3   A blog should be responsive:  There are millions of visitors are ready to read the blogs from all over the world. Most of the users are handle mobile and would like to see and read the blogs on his mobile. If your blog is responsive and mobile-friendly then it affects a good impression on your site.

4   Reduce the loading speed of Blog: In blogging, you have to control the page speed also because if your blog speed is slow then the users don’t waste their time and instantly switch to other blogs. By doing this bounce rate is also increases and this is directly affecting the Domain authority of your blog.

5   Be social and regular: Are you are active on social sites for promoting your blog regularly? This is the very well process of increasing the rank and getting traffic toward your blog by updating your post on social sites like FB, WhatsApp, Instagram, and so on. Try to update much and be alert on social sites.

6  Must use ON-PAGE SEO:  SEO is a very famous tool for promoting the blog and to attract users interaction to the blog. To maintain the Domain authority you should follow a few on-page SEO steps like meta tag, alt tag, description of the image, etc to get more engagement of the users with your blog.

7 Blog commenting: As it names to signify “comment” so basically in this process you have to comment on others' blog/website by leaving your website URL. If your comment is genuine and with useful data. The more your comment on the web directly increases your visitors and then your Domain authority should also be increased.


Is Domain authority is real or trustable?

Most of the users though that The Domain authority is important for blogging or just a piece of news. As per Google, they said this is not the real and accurate data of the website.

But to maintain The Domain value you should go for these things to improve your blog and by doing this, not only your DA but your the website also get views and engaged too.

At the end, thanks for reading this post and hope you liked it and if you have any query or suggestion then feel free to share in below comment box.

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