How to create Backlinks-Top 51 steps to create high-quality Backlinks for your website.

How to create Backlinks-Top 51 steps to create high-quality Backlinks for your website.

How to create Backlinks-Top 51 steps to create 

high-quality Backlinks for your website.

Hey folks, do you belong to a blogger field and if you have quite a knowledge of blogging then you must know the term” Backlinks” in blogging. In blogging, if you want to promote your blog then you should use SEO(Search engine optimization).

 In our earlier post, we had already discussed about SEO, so for those who are reading the post first time should visit the earlier post of “What is SEO and why it's useful”.

In simple term you can say that to boost up your website rank over Google and to get the traffic towards your site, you should have to create backlinks and try to focus on creating backlinks and instead of creating backlinks, you need to create high quality backlinks for your website.

What are the backlinks on the website?

Backlinks are the effective way to get traffic to your site from another site that is already created backlink with you. It helps you to drive traffic automatically whenever the website that has your link is getting traffic then the visitors must visit your website too by seeing your link on that website.

How it’s useful for any blogger to create backlinks?

                   To drive traffic towards your website
                    To improve your website SEO.
                   To improve the Domain authority of your website.
                   To get more engaged in your website.

So here we will have the top 51 steps to create high-quality backlinks and promote your website. By using these steps you will easily create backlinks for your website that really helps a lot in gaining traffic.

1. To promote your website on social sites is also a type of backlink for you by using social sites like-Facebook, Google plus, Pinterest, Reddit, and Twitter.

2. Guest posting is also a method for submitting your post to someone’s website for creating a backlink to your website.

3. By answering on quora and yahoo, you should create backlinks

4.  By creating interlinks in your own blog post.

5. Submit your site in Directory submission sites for backlinks.

6. By using RSS feed submission for your blog.

7. Forum posting is also an effective way to make backlinks to your blog.

8. Make sure what to write and is it as per your niche.

9. Write on trending topics that are in controversy.

10. By using link baits while writing post.

11. Try to submit your website to .org and .edu domains site that helps to create traffic more in comparison of others site.

12. By using Wikipedia to promote your site and to create backlink.

13.  Write a post on a daily basis.

14. Submit your images to image the directory that helps to make backlinks.

For ex- Pinterest and credit.

15.  Write a good article that having SEO friendly images in it.

16.  Always focus on your keyword like a top,7 tips, it means easy to point our figure  and visitors love to read this.

17.Your website should use Good and stylish font that attract visitors to get engaged within your blog post.

18.  By using long-tail keywords and to write long post in a blog will attract visitors to read your post.

19.  Focus on promoting your site on Facebook groups to get more traffic that helps you to create backlinks for any other who are already in the group.

20.  Try to convert your post into pdf and then submit as a document on the documents website.

21. You have to make your website become viral over social sites so that it get backlinks by the readers.

22. Share your blog  link in WhatsApp status and on Facebook groups and they also want to exchange link with your if your blog is good Domain authority.

23. Create your Wikipedia page and get backlinks.

24. Write to focus on topics like Bollywood, government, and especially the education sector for getting backlinks easily.

25. Try to update online survey on your site that becomes useful for making backlinks.

26. Make sure that your site will be simple and friendly for the visitors to understand.

27. Try to make relations with the public as much and share every single article you posted.

28.  Use of Skyscraper content for creating backlinks.

29. Ask your questions on quora and also, leave answers to attract visitors from your response.

30. Blog commenting is a must and use the trick to make backlinks for your blog.

31. Have your youtube channel where your can promote your website link.

32.  You should update your blog on a regular basis that will have a great impact on the site.

33.  Submit your site to bing and google for getting traffic and that also helps for creating backlinks.

34.  To make your product listed on online sites like amazon and left your link there for creating a backlink.

35. Create a podcast for getting traffic and for making a backlink.

36.  Make sure that you are running an affiliate site for selling products that also useful for backlinks.

37. Try to write about latest offers and tips related to the trending topic.

38.  Comment on Facebook groups and exchange links for make backlinks.

39.Your theme should be attractive and SEO friendly for the visitors.

40. Ready to response on someone query is also good for backlinks.

41. Run an online survey and contest for creating backlinks.

41.  Try to focus on your blog niche and write long and quality posts.

42.  Use of  bullets and table in a blog is also having a great impact on the visitors who visit first time on your blog.

43. Submit your blog to all social platforms and all free web directories.

44. By using Google alerts you can check that your backlink site is having a good response over the web or not.

45.  You should maintain your Alexa rank that will helps visitors to get back to your site and think even once to make a link with your site.

46.  Submit blog to blog directories that having good domain authority.

47.  Try site to link your site on it and helps to make backlink.

48.  Your blog is full of images and having a description in the image will help visitors to see that your image is related to which title and niche.

49. By using Broken link technique you should make links.

50. To  make backlinks, you should go for infographics because users love to see graphs rather than reading the whole article.

51.  By writing testimonials for your blog/websites and easily have high-quality backlinks.

So here is the end thanks for reading this article and hope this is useful for you who are in the field of blogging, If anyone has other best suggestions so feel free to share on below comment box.

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