Top 11 off-page SEO Techniques for a blogger in 2020.

Top 11 off-page SEO Techniques for a blogger in 2020.

Top 11 off-page SEO Techniques for a blogger in 2020.
Top 11 off-page SEO Techniques for a blogger in 2020.

Are you a good blogger or you just do it for fun, have u ever wonder that why you write blogs and is there any benefit for you. So as per my suggestion don’t take it lightly and if you want to make your carrier in blogging, so this is the correct time when you will take it on priority.

Many bloggers are just writing but he didn’t know that when he will get success in this blogging and what are the techniques have to be used for his better achievement in the future. I will present to you the Top 11 off-page SEO techniques for a blogger in 2020.

To understand this concept better, you have to do through with the following features which are mention below:

Introduction of SEO


Content is king

Directory submission

Social networking

Quality backlinks

Blog commenting

RSS submission

Answering the questions

Photo sharing

Video sharing

Social bookmarking

Link Baiting

Let’s start with basic about “SEO” for more detail about this topic; you must go through with my an earlier post What is SEO and how it's useful.

SEO- Search engine optimization is a very familiar term in blogging; basically, to get our blog/website ranked on Google search we implement SEO to improve its rank on Google. The basic question for all the bloggers is How to promote your blog.

To optimization for any blog, you have to need to do its SEO by using ON page & Off-page SEO.
In this blog, we will concentrate on OFF PAGE SEO.


As its name signifies its functioning, Simply this is an off page SEO where we have using all the techniques of SEO outside and no internally. We can do it by article submission, social bookmarking and many more methods that are mention below.

Here are a few tricks by which your blog getting traffic and its rank on Google also improve. There are 11 off-page SEO techniques for a blogger in 2020.

 Content is king: We all know that if we want to get traffic to our blog, then we must have quality content in it. Most of the bloggers think that they just have to write a post that is at least 600 words is enough to do SEO of a website.

But this is not the way to write, we have to focus on the content and must-read before writing and try to use always quality content that is useful for the visitors. On our website, visitors visit because of the content if the content is good and the must spend time on your website.

 Directory submissions:  In this process, you have to just submit your website link to the web directories available over internet. There are lots of free directories where you can submit your website and it really helps to get traffic to your website by creating a backlink for your website.

For ex-www.dmoz.or & are  two examples where you submit your site.

Social Networking: We all are aware on social websites but you have also use it as a business for your blog. You have to share your blogs on your social sites to attract traffic from there.

Top sites to share

For ex: Create a Facebook page of your blog with a “Title” and then write a short description of your website that you want to promote and finally, after a few basic settings, your page is ready and you have to post every single article that you published on your website. So many of the users attract by this and it directly redirects to your website and gets engaged with your blog.

Quality Backlinks   To make links in your blog is must improve its rank on Google search. Sometimes we just write good quality content post and update your website daily but instead of doing this, we forgot to make quality backlinks.

You can make quality backlinks for this you have to just Share your post  on a various free website directory or online form where you get a backlink to your website if anyone interested in your topic

Blog Commenting It is one of the simple methods to do SEO of your website. You have to visit another blog as much as you can and just leave your valuable comment in the post. If your comment is genuine and the owner of the website love your comment then it might be accepted, so then it also creates a backlink to your website and if its website has a good page rank then it will help more to improve your SEO.

RSS Submission This is also used for making a backlink to your website by submitting your blog URL to various free RSS websites. So submit now feed to RSS and you can see the traffic initiated suddenly and you will get Good rank over Google search.

Some of the popular websites for Feed submission are

Ask question & answers   Can you imagine that your website traffic depends on how much you’re asking questions and also give answers online to promote your website. There are lots of website available where you will ask your questions related to your blog and leave your website link and also by giving answers on that site you attract traffic.

Some of the top-rated websites for question & answers are

Photo Sharing  This is also an off-page SEO technique by which you have to share your post image to a particular website over the internet to get traffic towards your website. You should use it and upload an image of your related business that you want to promote. This includes a short description of the topic and leaves a post URL, so that whenever a visitor visits on that image so it found your link also.
Here are a few websites of photo sharing and get traffic to your blog

Video-Sharing This is same as above but in that case, you need to upload your business or post related video to publically. You can promote your post through video because of it looks attractive to watch and less time-consuming in comparison to reading the whole post.

Here is some website where you should upload your videos to do SEO of our Blog

Social Bookmarking   In this process you have to simply make a bookmark of your post that you want to promote and submit on a social website that is available for promoting your blog By this, we can have good traffic from this type of website by submitting our URL.

Here are few websites for social bookmarking of your blog

Link Bating This is also one of the best methods to get traffic to your website. If you are writing a post and you want to give a few links of other posts related to your post, so you can use it by giving its URL to your website, so due to this both the website is getting traffic.
Forex: You can use someone content on your blog but you must give his website URL in your blog as an option, so its promote both the sites.

Conclusion At the end we learn lots of technique of OFF Page SEO, that helps us to promote the website and also get ranked on Google search. So try all of these tricks to get a good result from your website in a short time.

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