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How to establish internet connection between mobile & laptop

How to establish internet connection between mobile & laptop

How to establish internet connection between mobile & laptop

Hey, guys nowadays we all are suffering from poor connectivity of internet speed on our mobile due to lockdown. We have so many tips to establish an internet connection between mobile & laptop and doing this we can also boost up the internet speed. '

The basic need of the people is high-speed data because all of us have to do their office work from home and it requires a good speed of the internet but it is not possible in the case of the mobile internet.

What is the internet?

Basically, the internet is a place where you will find anything about any topic. The Internet is a useful tool to make the work simple for anyone by guiding him or suggest him by providing answers related to the users query. These days we are having an issue in internet connectivity due to much usage of internet by the users just because of lockdown, they all have to complete his work from home and all the work depends on his internet connection.

Is any method to get good speed from my mobile internet

Yes, we have a few alternatives to speed up the internet at least 50 times better in comparison to the mobile internet. You will also use this good internet in your laptop devices by simply doing these 3 tricks to establish an internet connection between mobile & laptop.

1 Wireless hotspot

2 USB tethering

3 Bluetooth tethering

 Wireless hotspot

Are you looking for a good internet in your laptop for any kind of office work during this lockdown but the problem is you only have your mobile internet data that is not sufficient for office work. There is a solution to this you can access the internet to your laptop by sharing your mobile data to a laptop. This is done with the help of wifi and hotspot feature that is available in every android and laptop devices.

Its benefits are

Easy to access the internet

Wireless process

A decent speed to work

How to connect internet by creating a  wireless hotspot.

How to establish internet connection between mobile & laptop

I have an android mobile and I want to share my internet 4 g data to one of my laptops for some official work, then I have to follow some steps.

  •  First, check that your mobile data is on and after that

  • .Go to settings then you should select portable wifi hotspot option

  •   Now after enable scan your mobile wifi in your laptop wifi and connect it by applying password if any or directly.

  •  That’s the end you have ready to access the internet on a laptop.

Note Always set DNS IP in your wifi or LAN card manually that is provided by Google

Primary 8.8.8.

How to set manual DNS in wifi after connect to the hotspot wifi?

Basically, DNS is the Domain name server that usually helps the device to open the website quickly and your connection is working without any drop.

You have to just press window + R button in your laptop screen and type”ncpa.cpl” then hit enter and you will see that it redirect to the local area connection page and where you found your wifi 

connection and you have to click and go to the properties-IPv4-use the following DNS manually and where you have to enter the DNS given above.

USB Tethering

This is another alternative to access the internet in a laptop using your mobile data and due to this, we can double the speed by just connecting through USB cable. In  the process you just need a USB cable and a smartphone to use the internet and feel like you are connected through a LAN cable,

Its benefits are

Easy to use

The phone also charged by a USB cable connected to a laptop.

Boost up the speed with cable


How to connect internet using USB Tethering.

How to establish internet connection between mobile & laptop

It’s simple to connect your mobile data to the laptop while you want a good internet speed with consistency in the network. By connecting through a cable dropping issue is also reduced in comparison to wireless hotspots.

Steps to be taken for access the internet using a USB Cable

  • First check your mobile data is on with good signal strength

  • Then you need to connect your USB charging cable and

  •  Go to settings then click on wireless settings and there click on the USB tethering option.

  •  Now enable it and you see your internet is showing connected in your laptop sight screen.

Bluetooth Tethering

You all heard this word ”Bluetooth” and we all using it when we have to share any type of data to one mobile to other or some other devices that have Bluetooth in it.
But can u imagine that you can use Bluetooth as an internet provider. You can access mobile internet in your laptop having this feature” Bluetooth Tethering”

Its benefits are

Easy to access

Good internet connectivity

Secure process with a private key

How to connect internet by using Bluetooth Tethering

How to establish internet connection between mobile & laptop

This is the last but not the least method for using internet connection your laptop devices by just sharing your mobile data through Bluetooth Tethering. By using this you have to always on your Bluetooth for regular access to the internet.

Steps to be taken to connect

  • Firstly check mobile data is on,

  • Then go to settings and hit wireless & network and

  • Click on Tethering & portable hotspot

  • Now enable Bluetooth tethering option

  • Now your mobile work is over and  we have to do some steps in your laptop

  • Firstly enable Bluetooth option in your laptop

How to establish internet connection between mobile & laptop

  • Now after enabling the Bluetooth and connected with your mobile Bluetooth. You just need to perform a single step to join a personal connection by just click on the Bluetooth button and after right-click on it.

How to establish internet connection between mobile & laptop

  •  You will find an option there now click on it and then it asks you to connect through an access point, then you have to enable it and after a few seconds, you are connected to the internet through Bluetooth feature.

How to establish internet connection between mobile & laptop

Now you are ready to do your work with a decent speed of your mobile data into your laptop.

At the end, thanks for all to read this article and hope you liked it and it may help you with better connectivity of internet services for your work. If you have any option and another alternate so pls feel free to share your comment below.

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