Best 7 tools in Wordpress for boost up the loading time of the website.

Best 7 tools in Wordpress for boost up the loading time of the website.

Best 7 tools in Wordpress for boost up the loading time of the website

Is your website takes time to open?

Hey guys, Are you all are worried about this situation. If your website takes some time to load the page and sometimes it doesn't respond quickly as per the visitor need. So this is the worst impression ever for any visitors who visited your site and unable to view your website pages on time. So there is no need to worry, I have some Best 7 tools in Wordpress that will help to boost up the loading time of a website.

Let me remind you of the thing that on a website the most important part is the "speed of website”. In Wordpress, there are several tools available for reducing the load time of pages on the website and make your website faster.

Here are the 7 tools in Wordpress for boost up the loading time of the website are mention below with their description also.

WO Rocket This is one of the top-level tools for increasing the performance of the Wordpress site by boosting the page loading time. There are cache files stored in the form of data that is having an effect on the performance and speed of the website. So for removing these cache files permanently we have used this Wordpress plugin and boost up the loading time of the website and your site will open quickly.

Its features are as follows:

  • Image optimization
  • Cache removal
  • Control over HTML, CSS, and JavaScript of website
  • Google analytics
  • Optimization of database 

WP   This is used for the optimization of images that are inserted in the site. Generally having large size images effect page loading, So by using this tool we can optimize the image as per need and doing this the loading time of page on a website also decreased.

Its features are as follows

  • Maintain the quality of images after optimization
  • Free to use
  • User friendly
  • Remove unnecessary colors automatically from an image

Sucuri Firewall   As its name signifies its feature and functioning, It maintains security and firewall restriction on a website. It uses a cache to open the website page on just a click on it. If you have to boost your website so you must try this.

Its features are as follows

  • It provides Cloud base platform
  • Monitors the whole website
  • Optimization of CDN
  • Malware removed time to time

Caching: W3 Total Cache   If you are searching for a plugin that boosts up your website performance so this is the perfect plugin to reduce the loading time of your website by adding this plugin in your Wordpress. It also improves your SEO and optimizing the images and website pages.

Its features are as follows

  • Reduced the load time
  • Bandwidth consume less
  • Improvement in Google ranking
  • Maintain Overall website performance

WP Faster Cache This is also one of the best Wordpress plugin especially to deal with the cache. This was used since so many years by the bloggers for improving blog performance and speed.

Its features are as follows
  • Reduce extra HTML, CSS files
  • Friendly to use and easy to setup
  • Integration of CDN also involved
  • Free to use but premium versions are also available for use

WP Super Minify  This plugin is used to optimize the website by removing cache files that is not useful for your website and having space and increase the loading time of the page. By using this tool your website takes less time to load and users will quickly access the blog and its pages inside it.

Its features are as follows

  • Reduce unwanted HTML.css files
  • Boost up the website
  • Optimization of images
  • Free to use

Perfmatters This is a special kind of a tool that has the capability for boosts up the loading time of the website by doing some task.
In Wordpress few options are enabled to stop down the performance of any Wordpress website.So with the help of this, we can also enable the feature to speed up the loading time and it’s very crucial for a website.

Its features are as follows
  • Disable the restriction by Wordpress to slow down the website
  • DNS AND CDN integration
  • Disable extra and unwanted scripts
  • Timely update when needed
  • Light in weight and easy to used 

 At the end, thanks for reading this article and if you have any other tools in your mind then feel free to share your valuable opinion in below comment box.

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