8 best tips to work from home during Corona (COVID -19) Lockdown.

8 best tips to work from home during Corona (COVID -19) Lockdown.

8 best tips to work from home during Corona (COVID -19) Lockdown.

Greetings everyone, we all are facing lockdown during these days due to the harmful disease Corona (COVID -19). We are not sure how long it will take time and when we are ready for our work, Due to this we can’t even move outside for the work.

These days many of the companies already offered the policy of work from home to all the employees. But when we heard the sound “what work from home” is it really going to be happening?

Many of the employees think of how it can be done or everyone has its own type of job. But most of the employees thought that how it will be effective to work from home or is it possible to feel like an office in your home.

I will suggest you follow these 8 best tips to start work from home during this period.

Make a personal space

In this lockdown period, you will have to decide a personal space for you in your home, Don’t think that you are not in the office and avoid to work on any type of luxury place like a sofa, bedroom. Try to sit on a table and the place is also free from any type of gathering. If you are sitting around your family member then it doesn’t feel like an office and it does not suit the office environment.

Make a proper routine and don’t break the schedule

Don’t even think that you are not sitting in your home instead of an office. The main part of your daily work is to be punctual with your office timings and always follow the routine as you followed in the office earlier.

Let things be clear and make the schedule of your daily work before sitting at your table. If you are clear with your daily routine work than it is easier for you to feel like office and do the work on time as per the requirement of the company.

Up to date with your colleagues

The best part of doing work from home is to connected with your colleagues for up to date regarding your work. If you are connected with your colleagues and update on mails then it is grateful to you and you're supervisor also thinks that you are always in touch with the work and your friends too.

There are so many video call applications available for doing work online during this lockdown and by doing this it reduces the effect on your work.

Be in formal and well dressed

It sounds quite odd but it is the truth and if you are doing work from home than the basic and crucial thing is to be well dressed and make sour that you dressed formally. In the home you are feeling lazy sometimes and when you are awake in the morning so you think that is there any issue if I just sit and ding my work.

Here the answer is “Yes” there is the issue if you are taking bath before your sitting and well dressed than it may affect to the mentality and we also feel good and have the energy to start the work.

 Value of time

This is the ideal benefit that enhances your energy level to start work in the early morning and till late. This is going to be easy because it saves your traveling time and that time you will start work hard for your office from home.

For a moment think about the time and its value and if you can do your work within your routine time period than its good for both of you and your company. In simple words, time is money & money is time.

Get away from fake news

Due to continuously spread of the Corona (COVID 19) and the bad news from all sources like tv, social media and etc. Sometimes you feel stress and your mind was puzzled by this news all the time. You will have to aware of this virus but don’t take any type of fake news seriously and there is no need for panic. You have to keep your mind free from this type of distraction that may affect your work.

A break is much needed

If you feel that you have to work hard from your home to complete your task on time and you didn’t even take fresh air. This is going to be a big issue while working home is your sitting will take too much time than office and you don’t even take a break while having lunch or tea break.

In between the office work you have to take a few minutes of silence by taking fresh air through the window can change your mind feeling and you feel so relax after doing it.

Be attentive on meeting and on social sites also.

In the middle of your office work you should take or attend a VC (video calling) small meeting to interact with each other and it ensures you that you are in between your officer colleagues.

As per my suggestion  don’t try to avoid social sites while working through home because you spent your whole day in office work and due to this you are not updated with the social and  current updates during the whole day, pls attentive on your office work and on social sites is necessary these days.

At the end thanks for reading this article, Hope this useful for all of us those are doing work from home jobs during this Corona (COVID 19) virus.

If you have any other ideas that are related and helpful for us to feel the office environment by doing work from home than share your comment below.

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