“SEO GUIDE” - How to find the best keyword for blog

“SEO GUIDE” - How to find the best keyword for  blog

 How to find the best keyword for  blog

Hii everyone if you are looking for a blogging profession and want to become an expert on blogging. So your basic query is “How to get the best keyword for a blog”. If you have a proper & attractive keyword than your blog will automatically receive traffic by Google search.

 In other words, we can simply say that the keyword is a key factor for any blog/website to promote and get indexed the content on Google.

To optimize your blog by SEO, you must have known some basic knowledge about keyword and you have the right tool to search a relevant keyword for the blog.

What is a keyword and how it’s useful for getting traffic toward a blog?

Keyword is basically   plays a major role to do SEO of a blog to improve its page rank on Google search. It is just like a topic that what you have to write, so by selecting a good keyword for a particular post, Google index your post into its search console and with the help of this our post is getting ranked on Google search.

If your a keyword is not proper or not related to the post you prepared, so your all SEO become fail to get your post rank on Google search index.

By using a good keyword is good for your blog, it has following features like

Attract users to view its post

It tells a short description of your post

Help to index post on Google

Suggest idea for post name

To increase our alexa rank

Have u heard about Keyword research?

Keyword research is a common term in blogging and it is used to find a keyword, its give you keywords that are related to your topic and as per audience demand. So if we are not concentrate on the keyword of a post, so there might be less chance of the post to get index by Google search.

If you want to grow your carrier in the blogging field, so you must learn  about keyword and keyword research for better optimization of your blog,

Basically, keyword research is a part of On-Page SEO.

In other words, we can say we use keyword research for finding a perfect match for your blog, that is generally the audience search on Google and they reflect lots of keywords but some of them are unique and on a good rank, so the audience choose always a good keyword that is being in a good position over internet.

Let us take an example to better understand: Suppose if you want to write a post on  “useful website on the internet”, So  for this, we have to search on Google “What is SEO and how it's useful  and after typing this on Google search,

You will have so many options in drop-down search of Google with their different types of keyword available for finding any post. So keyword research helps you to find out the keyword that is used mostly by the audience when we type that particular word or topic.

“SEO GUIDE” - How to find the best keyword for blog
“SEO GUIDE” - How to find the best keyword for blog

So in simple language, if you want to get traffic to your blog, then you must  follow these basic rules of keyword research.

You can also read “How to get traffic to your blog” in my earlier post that will helps you to learn and implement new things on your blog to promote your blog and to get more traffic easily by using SEO.

We have so many tools right now that give you so many keywords that is related to your content, Have you heard about “SEMRUSH”

SEMRUSH basically rectifies these 2 queries.  

1 Trending keyword: It means that what you have to search through Google and how many suitable keywords it shows to you, so the selected keyword shows that how much is the keyword is in Trending.

 How much traffic we get all depends on the keyword performance, so it is must be easy and simple to understand by Google or the visitors.

2  Finding a perfect keyword: We all are worried that our post is not indexed by Google, so what we can do now.

No need to depressed, by using this tool we can choose a perfect keyword for our blog that belongs to the content and generally people search that particular keyword for finding that content. So doing this whenever someone search through Google then Google suggest your post in starting pages of Google search.

How to do keyword research for a blog?

We have lots of technique to find out the best keyword research for a blog, and to implement for making your content searchable over Google.

1       To find the best keyword to compete with others:  It is also a simple way to find out the keyword that was already used by some other user in his website/blog, this strategy becomes simple and profitable for getting g good page rank on Google search because your keyword is already listed over top on Google search

2       By using SEMRUSH tool: It a very useful tool as we discussed above so we can use this tool also to find the best keyword for your content. You have to first create an account and after that hit any domain and then it filters options for you.

3        By using Keyword Gap: It is also a good and popular technique to find out the best keyword that is used by your opponent and his post are ranked on Google by using that particular keyword. It is consume more time in comparison with another tool to find out the keyword but is is quite useful to find a perfect and unique keyword.

So at the end, thanks for reading this post and if you have any query related this then  feel free to ask or suggest any opinion in below comment box.

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