How to enable dark mode feature in Whatsapp?

How to enable dark mode feature in Whatsapp?

How to enable dark mode feature in Whatsapp?

How to enable dark mode feature in Whatsapp?

Hii everyone today I will like to share one of the best and new features in Whatsapp that you may be aware or not. These days Whatsapp is turned into a few different features that attract everyone. We all are used to of WhatsApp and nowadays WhatsApp is a very popular social app to share something through text, we can share audio, videos, images, etc.

But can u imagine this time WhatsApp comes with a dark mode feature, recently Whatsapp launched it on android mobiles, for this feature you have to update your Whatsapp app from the play store to latest updated version i,e  2.20.30 and after that you will see the features of wallpaper or dark mode option in your WhatsApp.

Why dark mode is useful for us?

You all know that all the users of android mobile are addicted to WhatsApp and most of times users are busy in WhatsApp in chatting or share some data with another person who are using WhatsApp and one of its close friends.

Mostly people use WhatsApp in the night and in the night if we continuously using WhatsApp so it may cause to our eyes and our eyes are tired too since we are using from 1 hour,

Let's take an example for a better explanation:  A boy is using WhatsApp in late-night  in high brightness without having the light on in the room, so it may affect his eye also due to focus in mobile with high brightness, so for this, we have an alternate of dark mode option.

By using this we have enabled dark mode option in Whatsapp and after that our background theme is dark so it doesn’t reflect as much as compared to the old theme, which is too sharp and bright.So always enable to dark mode option while using Whatsapp especially in the night where room light is dim.

It's useful for caring for your eyes and you are not supposed to be tired while seeing whatsapp cautiously.

In updated WhatsApp we have two smart features of changing our background theme

1 Set background wallpaper

2 Dark mode themes

Set background wallpaper: By set wallpaper in whatsapp the background you have to follow these basic steps in WhatsApp

Open WhatsApp and click on setting option/chats/display and finally select wallpaper and you have select images of your choice from your mobile phone or default color or solid colors provided by WhatsApp itself. By enabling this your background will look pretty and stylish.

Dark mode themes: This is the latest and most awaited features of WhatsApp, All users are curious to get this feature now, With the help of these users will feel so relax and its feel less strain in his eyes because of the “dark mode” feature. You have to follow these steps to enable this and protect your eyes from getting strain

Open WhatsApp click on setting options/chats/display and then dark mode option is available and  they ask you to select light or dark mode option, then after click on the dark mode your WhatsApp background become dark and good to use,

How to enable dark mode feature in Whatsapp?
Dark mode feature enables in whatsapp

#Note The most important thing to get this features is  you have updated WhatsApp app in your keep update to enjoy the service of dark mode.

So this is the end of this topic, hope you get the information what you want from this topic, is any query or suggestion, so be frank and comment below.

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