How to create a youtube channel.

How to create a youtube channel.

How to create a youtube channel.
How to create a youtube channel.
It's quite amazing that YouTube spent 14 years of service with us. Our life starts with a youtube actually because these days YouTube is a very popular and trending source of getting any news, updates and especially for entertainment purposes for today’s youth. So everyone thinks of getting in touch with youtbe always to stay updated but can anyone think that ow youtube work or how to create a youtube channel and make money from this? It's an easy task to do or a tough work.
In this article, I will teach you how you can create a youtube channel for free and start making money also by doing little bit efforts, so we will read about this in deep, but here I will provide a short description of YouTube and its benefits

 What is YouTube and its benefits for the users?

A YouTube is a type of digital market where host expresses his feeling or they can promote any product by posting a video on YouTube, YouTube is a common platform where we get all types of videos posted by the user. In simple words we can say that in youtube we will get any video what we wants from it or we can download also. There are billions of videos are present on youtube with millions of channels created by the users.

Its benefits are

1.       User-friendly and responsive also for mobile.
2.       Lots of videos with their best quality options are available.
3.       Easy to watch  without any registration or any kind of fees and free to download any videos whom you want to watch in future
4.       Keep records of videos that is too old but he always keeps it in his server.
5.       You can also upload your video if you want to upload or to show any kind of activity over youtube.

Is creating a youtube channel is useful?

 As per my review a youtube channel is must for the one who love to upload videos and they have a capability of making videos from himself and have the dare to show live to the public. So there is the big question for every user that why we create a youtube channel, is there any benefit. So im glad to inform you that creating channel is good for you and for the users also who are interested to watch your content over youtube.   You can also earn money by youtube channel,. Youtube pay you money by getting views on your video after getting a video monetized by the user.

If you have a youtube channel then the user also trust you or try to implement SEO on youtube videos so that your videos will easily available to watch  by searching on youtube.
So let s take a look at How to create a YouTube channel.

Set up youtube account with a channel name

  •         Open  a youtube account :  At first you have to open a  account for YouTube, once your account is created then you are ready to start your channel also.
  •         Keep your channel ready with his “name”   The first step is finding a trending topic or a keyword that is useful for the users. As we all know the keyword is the most important part in a video, so keep ready with a decent name that you want to give to your channel.
  •         Set up your channel now: After successfully login with a YouTube account, click on setting option from the drop down list available on the top right corner of the YouTube page.


Its time for creating a channel

Let's continue with the above topic  after selecting the setting option, you must see an option having “Create a new channel or  see all my channels, so we have to create a new channel, then
  •          Click on create a new channel then
  •         Youtube ask you to give a name to your channel, that is easy to access in the future by just select this channel by name.
  •          After giving a decent name according to your promotion videos that you want o promote them in the future by this channel.

Note# Always  Choose a name that is belongs to your content or videos so that this is helpful for the users who are searching these videos, so they can definitely  come in contact with you

Make attractive & customize your channel

  •          Now your channel is having a name that is related to the topic, but your channel is still empty so fill the about section in which you have to fill the basic information about your channel.
  •          It means that what topic is related to your channel or what kind of videos you will share in this to get traffic of users if the topic is clear then the users must love & visit again & again.
  •          You can also place your mail id for the user that looks that you care about the users respond and always ready to get in touch with the user if they want any kind of help or something related to the topic.
  •          You must have a realistic & genuine image of your channel wallpaper, try to create your own image not to be copied from somewhere, it is not a good sign for you
  •          You must use canva website for making creating images with many more features including background music, templates etc.
  •          After making your channel image upload it by click “add channel art” at the top corner.

Try to implement SEO on youtube channel image or in the description of your channel, it really affects to get traffic to your channel and user will easily get your videos by searching on youtube.

You must read this for getting knowledge about seo and how it is useful that is already posted in my blog

Optimize your videos by adding them and make money

  •          Now you channel is ready to upload a video by choosing at the destination and click on upload
  •          After successfully upload you have to enter the title name “ topic of a video you have shared with the users”.The topic must be the same as the content shown in the video.  Type some description of the video that helps the user to search on youtube.
  •          Be focus on your keyword, tags and your title must be impressive for the user.
  •          Now you almost ready to publish the video so before publish YouTube ask for publishing publicly or privately with selected user, so its your call that how you want to share the video.

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At the end thanks to everyone to ready this and if you have any query then feel free to ask in below comment box

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