5 best brain games for android phone

5 best brain games for android phone.

 5 best brain games for android phone

Hey guys, you all are excited   and happy about playing games in your android phone. So today I will also share “5 best brain games for android phone”. Are you a game lover and most of your time spent on the android phone while playing games, So can you ever think that there are some best brain games for android phone available and by playing that type of game, you should sharpen your mind too.

Try to play those games in android that sharp your memory and helpful to you instead of wasting time in other games, you should go for these games that are interesting and valuable also. So if you want that your brain will work faster and you feel fresh and energetic so avoid that games that tired your brain or they will give you stress while playing a long time.


Here are the best brain games for android that every user should have on his phone.

I suggest you play these 5 games in the future to sharp your brain and also provide knowledge while playing these best brain games your brain will fit and you feel so fresh after solving the puzzles inside this app.

1 River crossing IQ puzzle/fun game  

I don’t think that this game wants any introduction, it’s very famous and popular and every child loves to play this game in his childhood. In this game, we have to use our brain to solve the puzzle of river crossing by making logic and tricks. You have to use all your tactics to cross the entire object without any difficulty. So try atleast once and you will get addicted to this mind game.

How to play and its features 
  • Best puzzle and mind games with full of logic.
  • It sharpens your memory and improves your IQ level.
  • Its difficulty level is also increased as the game proceed forward
  • Our main focus is to cross the river with the entire worker with their objective also and without losing anything across the point.
  • You will have fun by playing this and sometimes your mind also puzzled.

2   Math puzzle

When we heard “math” we understand and our mind relates the word with “Puzzle and logics”. Most of the child is not interested in math and they try to avoid this subject but exceptions are always there and those who love to do math sums and they really enjoy so Good news for those that they have another chance of solving a puzzle with applying logic.

How to play and its features

  • It  improve your brain while solving puzzles
  • It provides more than 50 puzzles to solve.
  • Users also love it's friendly criteria for solving puzzles.
  • It also includes multiplayer option to compete with your friend.
  • Every time you have to face another difficult level.

3 Brain out-can you pass it?

Have you think that any game sharpens your mind and giving fun also, this is the game that was never played by me and the puzzles are provided by this app is also good and interesting to solve. The game is too funny and you can’t solve it easily without using your mind. To pass this game you have to face lots of challenging task with max difficulty level.

How to play and its features

  • There are plenty of stages available to solve.
  • Funny and interesting to play and full of confusing puzzles.
  • You have to simply do the task on the time is given by the user.
  • Full of entertainment and logics to solve the query.
  • You can’t bore while playing this game, it is very attractive and fun to play.

4 Peak

Its name signifies its feature and this is one of the best puzzles with lots of stages that provide fun and improve your brain and skills. The game is all about solving the puzzle with your brain power and skills. It's available on play store free of cost, so as per suggestion try this game once and make your mind fit and sharp.

How to play and its features

  • It provides lots of game to play and improve your IQ level.
  • Multiplayer features also a key factor to compete with your friends online.
  • All games are available for 24 hours, when you feel free to play you can.
  • Once download its app to your phone and play games offline from anywhere.
  • Set reminder also for playing game and everyone will play this without any age restriction.

5 Tricky Test 2

It is a game that enhances your IQ level and makes your brain fast and smart to solve any puzzle or query in a short time period. There are lots of categories available to play and prove yourself that you are really a genius of logic or not. By playing this type of games you have to focus on your mind and using your logic and skills to solve quickly the puzzle otherwise you can’t solve it on time.

How to play and its features
  • Every time you will have unique and interesting tasks to solve.
  • Bypassing the quiz, your brainpower and memory also sharp.
  • You will have to solve and do the task provided by a user.
  • Over 100 quiz is available to solve with your endurance.
  • You will love to play and as much as you complete the task your difficulty level also increased.

So here is the end of this, I hope you will get your type of game that you want to play and improve your mind and IQ level. 

If you have any other best brain games to android phone, so feel free to share with us in below comment box.

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