Whatsapp : A secure and best social messaging app to use

Whatsapp : A secure and best social messaging app to use
Whatsapp : A secure and best social messaging app to use
Whatsapp : A secure and best social messaging app to use
Hey guys, we all are heard the term whatsapp if you are using an android mobile then you must use it once. This is what we want from any other social messaging app that it provides you quick conversation like text, audio, and video. And you can share whatever you want to share with someone.  We are in 21st century and we have so many messaging apps are there over internet, but you didn’t know that how many off the app are best and secure to use and transfer you data to your friend and family. 

Due to lots of virus attack on social sites, recently facebook owned whatsapp and spend 50$ million for its security or we can say to improve its privacy level.

So that’s the main point I would like to discuss with you that why we are using  Whatsapp instead of other app also available in market. Recently whatsapp improved its privacy feature due to malware attack or any virus can attack on your phone.

 In whatsapp your data wil be safe and secure and under your control, By using these 3 tips, you should secure your whatsapp from getting virus over internet while using this. 

1.    Provides end to end encrypted:  This means whenever you have to send any specific data to one of your friends in your friends list.So one thing is always in mind that the data is sent by us is how much secure or no one can crack it in between you and your friend while travelling from your device to your friend.

Provides end to end encrypted:
Provides end to end encrypted:

    2   Two step verification process: This is also one of the best feature of whatsapp, while you login     your whatsapp they ask you to enter your pin password for safety purpose, so this is good and due to this no one can access your whatsapp without pin password that was set by user.
                                                          Sometimes we have don’t have set any lock to our mobile so you  don’t need to worry that if someone got your mobile  and read your whatsapp messages so at that time we remember to use pin to maintain our privacy level . its process involve

·         Open your whatsapp and then on menu bar select setting option and then click on account.
·         After that we found  Two step verification option click on it and set your pin as per   your need
Two step verification process
Two step verification process

  3 Finger print security option:  This is also a good and secure option launched by whatsapp to improve its security level. By this your whatsapp will not open by anyone and to open it they ask your fingerprint, so its fully safe and no one can hack it or use your whatsapp without your permit. We can say it is same as touch id feature available for Iphone user.

Finger print security option
Finger print security option

 So now onward  enjoy features of whatsapp ever with full safety.

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