What is SEO and how it's useful ?

What is SEO
What is SEO

What is seo This is a very important point for new blogger, because new bloggers think that writing long and quality content and reach the website top, but it cannot happen, many times it happens that the content would be great But the biggest reason for not being able to rank is the lack of knowledge of search engine optimization.

Before understanding SEO, we need to understand some important things related to SEO, in which the following things have been notified-

Search engine

What is search engine
Let me explain you in easy language, as if we have to go from one place to another, then we use the train, the train has three parts, the first passenger, the second compartment and the third compartment main engine.

In the same way, we can understand the search engine, the queries that you search for - we can call them passenger, second box search box and last which searches the queries means engine.

Just as trains have different names, similarly there are different search engines for searching queries like google, being, yahoo etc. We select them according to our choice.
In any search engine, whether google, being, yahoo or any other three important elements work, which we are giving below
Crawling - When we search a query, it shows boats and spider result, this is called crawling.
Indexing- The page of any website, based on the quality of the content, puts the page in the search engine list, this is also called indexing.
Ranking- The page of any website puts forward the quality of its search engine by ranking the search engine.

We use google, yahoo, being used to search all queries precisely and these are a pattern or internal rule of searching all search engine queries, these are called Algorithms.

search engine result page When winning queries on searching queries in the search engine, the page is open, they are called SERP.

How to identify SEO or website without searching SEO in search engine-
If you have noticed, on searching in the search engine, in the beginning of the URL of some website, some AD is written, after all, why is the AD written in them because the owner of some website pays money to the search engine by getting his advertisement, his website On top of this, this type of website is called a website without SEO, the traffic that comes in such a website is called inorganic traffic.

But I have often said that we do not open the site containing this advertisement, but instead open the website which comes after the sites starting from AD, just think why these websites are in starting because these websites have organic traffic. This type of website is called SEO website.

Where does more organic traffic come from?

Whatever website follows the algorithms of the search engine, the search engine places those websites at the top of the first page because they follow all the website algorithms and come to the 1st page of the search engine.

The search engine is able to understand, let's see what the search engine optimization is called.

SEO is of two types -

ON Page Seo-

In writing this type of SEO, we have to take care of some points and factors like Meta Description, Linking, Mobile responsive, Key word, Reducing loading time, Image optimization while writing content, it is called ON page SEO. To understand ON page SEO in detail, definitely read this article in Seo techniques 2020 in which you will get complete information of on page seo.

OFF Page Seo-

In this type of Seo use the keyword in post and mainly create backlink, share your post in social media like Facebook, Facebook page, Facebook group, Twitter, Google plus etc, comment in luv comment site, participate in discussion forum Take, submit your blog post to the blog directory, in short, all the methods by which your blog post is linked to your site from any other site or you can say that publicity of your blog post in other website.
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