Top 5 apps to earn money

Top 5 apps to earn money

Top 5 apps to earn money

Top 5 apps to earn money

Hey folks, we are always searching about earn money over the internet. So here are some top & famous apps available in the market for android users to earn money by doing some tasks inside the app.

 These are free and easy to download on your phone and you can easily earn money at least that is sufficient for your pocket money or sometimes it may be good. 

So as per my suggestion I would suggest you to  not  to go outside instead of your android mobile  In your device lots of apps are available  and all are ready to give you a better way to earn money free.

1    Swagbucks   This is one of the famous apps who gives a great chance to get extra money by doing some type of survey, surf over internet or by watching videos through this app.
Few steps to follow for getting awards in the form of SB points

·         You will have to collect SB points to redeem your gift by amazon  or  1 SB= 1 cent, so its winning process is slow but still, it is quite enough to get around 40$ to 80$ per month.

·          According to my point of view, It must be a good source of extra money besides doing a job. So try this now and get exciting offers and prizes as per the survey.

·         Lots of surveys available as per its term & the policy you have to fulfill its requirement for participating in the survey, once you participate then your prize will vary according to the survey length or what type of answers you give.

So I suggest you download now and makes your life be entertaining with this app, you can go with my referral link also, so it gives you a signup bonus of 100 SB.

2  Roz Dhan:  You all are reading a newspaper , books or any type of magazine in your daily life, it gives you knowledge about what is going in our city.

  But just imagine that Is it possible to get money by doing all this in an app available over play store. So I can say yes it is possible by using this app you can get money by doing the same thing.
Steps to be followed to get money (without invest any single Rs)

·         First of all, we have to download this by using the link below and after entering referral code that gives you a surprise reward go forward

·         Then start with daily check-in, update mobile no,  or reading news, playing games etc, so many options are there to earn points and these points are automatically turns into rs which can be redeemed by you after a threshold value of 200 rs.

·         You will get point by even walking so it’s good for your health and wealth also.

 Download now and I’m sharing a referral code (08K8IQ) that is helpful to you

3  Trim   As its name signify its feature of trim, In real life, this app is very useful for all of us which are thought to save our money but in reality, we don’t
 So here it comes with this feature to control and analyze your investment, salary, saving, You have to just link it with your bank and it monitoring the activities done by you within a month that is your personal trim device that is used to trim your extra or unimportant investments.

So try now and save your money by the trim app to makes your life happier and easy to live in the future

4    Ebates    This is also a unique and popular app for giving extra cash in the form of Paypal, We don’t need to do extra effort or any rocket science  to get money,
 We have to just do online shopping just like we are doing on Amazon, Flipkart, etc, so it provides you special hot deals & coupons to get cashback by every purchase or product from any website. 
So I don’t think this is a wrong deal in which we have to just purchase any product as per our requirement and we will get cashback too.

Try at least once and after that, you will realize yourself that Is it a 

great deal or bad to have this app?

5   MPL(play & win)   If you heard that you will get money by playing cricket or various types of games on mobile, so no one can believe easily, but this time I will let you know that actually, it is happening by using this app,

 You can earn money by playing games like candy crush, cricket, volleyball, space breaker, etc. This type of games you have to take a chance to defeat your opponent and if you really do that so you will get prize money as per game.

There are so many prize money is there as per game standard, so if you are a game lover and you love to play and ready to face the challenges in games, so you must download this and double your pocket money easily by investing sometime of your busy schedule on this app, so it will give you entertainment & money.

                                       Download Now and enjoy lots of games

If you have any other best option so you can suggest me in below comment box

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