How to promote your blog - Top 11 methods to promote your blog

How to promote your blog - Top 11 methods to promote your blog


How to promote your blog

Hi everyone today I will tell you about promoting your blog. We all are running a blog but how many of you are known how to promote your blog online by doing a few things over the internet.

                                                   So here I suggest you to read this post in which I will teach you to promote your blog free and after that your blog will be in a good position on Google search index.

Let’s take a look into these 21 strategies by which anyone can promote his/her blog easily.

1 Choose best Keyword

2 Content should be attractive & real

3 Free from grammar mistake

4 Keep updating old content

5 Avoid copyright content to post

6 Always revert on each comment

7 Eye catching images should be use

8 Publish content as per user requirement

9 Always mention a decent comment on others blog

10 Make videos from your post to get user attention more.

11 Spread your post on social media

Let’s go through in detail   to understand each topic clearly

1    Choose best keyword    At first, your mind should be clear that what topic do you want to write. Is it attractive & trending these days, Its keyword should be user-friendly that is understood by all user or Google  shows your keyword on first priority on related content search by the user.

2   Content should be attractive & real   The main part in blogging is the content on which your blog belongs to and if your content is real and free with error so it must be a good opportunity to get high index on Google search. Content will be pure and valuable for the users.

3  Free from grammar mistake     We are all set to publish the post in our blog, but can anyone notice that Is it free from an error like grammar, copyright etc. It plays a major role in promoting your blog because every user wants to write a post that is free from any mistake, this may affect its rank on Google.
4   Keep updating old content   In blogging we have lots of post-publish in a month or we can say in a year so after some time, our old content that was published a few months ago, so that data must be updated timely.  Time to time updating of the blog is an essential requirement.

5  Avoid copyright content to post   While writing a post for the blog, one thing is most important for any blogger that the content he is writing is unique and not be copied from any website over internet.

6  Always revert on each comment  This is a very useful part of blogging, In blogging only writing a good post is not enough, you should have to respond on every single comment on your particular post, by doing this users attraction is increased and they good to have your precious reply on his comment timely.

7  Eye catching images should be used Whenever we are reading any blog so we always looking for good images that reveal the topic and its content, so pls try to insert only png images or  good quality images, so that user is willing  to see your post,

8  Publish content as per user requirement  Always try to find our unique and useful topic what public demands or we can say they search mostly on google, so this can be easily seen by the public and promotion is automatically done.

9 Always mention a decent comment on others blog(Backlink)    When we  are reading someone blog and the audience is high on his website so you must have left a comment with your blog name, so it creates a backlink to your blog and this is very common these days to promote your blog

10 .  Make videos from your post to get user attention more.   We all know to write in a blog but can u imagine that is it really good to have a video on your blog? So it is possible to make videos from your post through software available in the market, so it creates a good impression on the audience by understanding much by watching the video.

11 Spread your post on social media  This is the last but not the least in the blogging field, you need to  viral your post to social media like FB, twitter, google +, etc, because every user must use any of the social media twice within an hour, so this is a good way to promote your blog


So here the end of this post, if you have any queries or suggestions, so pls give your precious comment below.






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